Everyone judges books by their covers. They also judge emails by their subject lines. Anything too long, too cliché, too salesy, or too similar to SPAM will be achieved or deleted without a click. And that is bad news for you.

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Creating Email Subject Lines that Get Clicks

Unless, of course, you work hard to craft email subject lines that get clicks. If you can master this art, you will get the conversion you are looking for. But how can you create these subject lines? By keeping our basic tips in mind.

Shorter is Better

Well, to a degree it is. Obviously a single word isn’t going to cut it. At the same time, you want your readers to know what to expect in the email in just a few words. Most people read their email on mobile devices now, so long subject lines will not even be displayed in full. Write your subject line, then ask yourself which words can be removed and which ones can be swapped out for a shorter word. And avoid words like update, newsletter, and other words that tell the reader what they already know.

Be Careful with the Sender Name Too

This isn’t exactly the subject line, but your sender name can cause people to avoid clicking even if the subject line is perfect. In general, you want your sender name to include your blog, business, or brand—not just your actual name. The goal is to be as recognizable as possible to the people you are emailing so they know you can be trusted. Also, think about your email address as well. Noreply is never a good email handle.

Personalize the Subject Line

Personalization tokens allow your subject line to include the name of the recipient. This helps to make things feel personal and drives the reader to make the click. While it is simple, it is incredibly effective, even with those who are a bit jaded by social media marketing techniques. Don’t want to use their name? Personalize it to location instead.

Be Honest

Do not make outrageous claims or promises you cannot follow through on in your subject line. These might actually get the reader to click the email, but once they are disappointed by the lies, you can bet that they will never open an email from you again. Instead, keep things honest and real for results that will last.

Keep a Little Mystery

Your subject line should hint at what is inside, not give it all away. Think of it like a movie trailer; you want to entice without revealing the entire plot. The right amount of mystery ensures that the reader will be curious, which gets the click you need.

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October 11, 2017

Creating Email Subject Lines that Get Clicks

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