Do you wonder how to screen a virtual assistant? For most bloggers, doing it all isn’t possible. At the start of their blogging adventure, they have multiple jobs to juggle, and then once things pick up, there is just too much even if blogging is the only source of income. The solution in this case is to hire a virtual assistant. But just like you would with an assistant in your home or office, you will want to carefully screen them. Unfortunately, since these assistants are often in other countries, the screening process isn’t always simple. Below are our tips for ensuring the assistant you hire is the right one for you.

How to Screen a Virtual Assistant

How to Screen a Virtual Assistant

Avoid Things Getting Lost in Translation

And the way to avoid this is to make certain the person you are interviewing is fluent in your language. While you can expect there to be certain regional differences, you do not want miscommunication based on language fluency to impact your business.

Test Their Industry Experience

To get the best results, you want someone who has helped run a blog before. However, some people will claim to have this experience without actually having done it before, figuring they can learn as they go. Ask pointed questions that will help you figure out if their experience with blogging is at the level they claim it to be.

Ask Them How They Will Handle Mistakes They Make

Everyone makes mistakes, so if they say they won’t make any, chances are they are overconfident and not quite ready. To get specific answers, pose a specific scenario, otherwise you can just ask for a general approach to rectifying errors.

Get Some Sample Social Media Posts

This is generally a big task for virtual assistants and you want to make sure they are going to do it right. Send the potential hire a blog post you have yet to publish and have them create some sample posts for various social media platforms to get a feel for how they work.

Let Them Ask Questions About the Job

And if they don’t have any, it is a warning sign. Even highly experienced assistants will have questions about the way you work, your schedule, and your expectations. While an endless list of questions may not be great, you want the assistant to have at least a handful for you.

Do a Trial Run

This should, of course, be paid. This trial run ensures that you can tell how well you mesh together and whether the assistant is ready to handle the tasks you have. A one week trial period should be sufficient.

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October 12, 2017

How to Screen a Virtual Assistant

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