Facebook Live has been in existence for less than two years, but during that time, it has made big waves. While at first it was little more than teens goofing off, news sources and businesses quickly saw its potential. Now, it is a key social media tool for everything from big brands to the mom next door promoting her MLM.

How Can You Use Facebook Live?

How Can You Use Facebook Live?

Of course, you can handle this tool wrong, and when Facebook Live goes bad, it tends to be really bad. Rather than risking embarrassment, use our guide below to make the most out of this social media element.

Set Up a Branded Space for Filming

Since there is no editing involved with a Facebook Live video, any branding you want has to be physically present in the space you are shooting from. You can set this up anywhere, even in the corner of your living room. The easiest way to do this is with a simple background—think a solid colored wall or curtains—and a sign that contains your logo. With this, you can set up chairs and tables or whatever else you need while keeping your branding visible.

Give it a Purpose

Many small businesses make the mistake of using Facebook Live just to chat or check in or stay relevant. But people do not want random live streams clogging up their feed or their notifications. If you are going to use this tool, ensure that every live feed you create serves a purpose. This could be introducing a contest or a new product or even a free webinar. However, it needs to always have a reason for existing, otherwise your followers will stop following you.

Cover Local Events, Vacations, and More

While this might eliminate the branding element, one of the greatest benefits of Facebook Live is that it goes where you go. So if you are going to write a blog post about the state fair, you can tease that post by streaming live from the fair, perhaps eating an interesting fair food item. And if you are a travel blogger, you can offer a sneak peek into the destination you will be covering.

Do you use Facebook Live for your business? What tips would you suggest others keep in mind?

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October 16, 2017

How Can You Use Facebook Live?

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