If you love to travel but worry about working while abroad or being to afford the habit, travel blogging can be an ideal solution. With this route, travel becomes not just your habit, but your job, and the money you make from it can fund your trips in the future. However, it isn’t something to just jump into.

Getting Started with Travel Blogging

Getting Started with Travel Blogging

Before you get started, you need a plan and you need to know what to expect. To help, we have come up with a list of the basic steps to get started with your travel blog.

What Will Make Your Blog Different?

This is the first thing you need to know, before you even pick a name for your blog, is what will make your blog different from the majority. Will it be about traveling alone? Traveling in a certain region? Avoiding the tourist traps? Travel on a strict budget? Whatever it is, figure it out now because it will control everything about your blog from now on.

Register Your Site and Set Up Hosting

To do this, you need to name your blog and then compare various hosting companies. Be sure that the domain name you want to register isn’t already taken. We suggest that you only settle for a .com, not a .org or other address.

Play Around with WordPress

While you have other options, WordPress is still the best. However, it does have a steep learning curve. Before you are at the point of going live, play around with WordPress and learn the system. If needed, take a few online classes until you are an expert.

Purchase a Theme

There are free WordPress themes you can use, but part of branding is having a unique look. While you may drop a few hundred on this, the results are worth it. And if you cannot find anything for sale that strikes your fancy, commission a theme instead.

Pick Your Plugins

Which plugins do you need? Your exact focus will dictate that, so get to researching. You want these plugins installed and working well on your site before you launch.

Start Blogging and Promoting

Once the site is ready, it is time to dive in. Come up with a schedule of posts that runs at least a month in advance so you know what you will be writing about and do not fall victim to writer’s block. Then travel, write, and make some money.

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October 19, 2017

Getting Started with Travel Blogging

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