Hosting guest posts on your blog can bring big benefits to you. For one, they allow you to publish new content without having to write any. For another, they allow the guest poster to bring new readers your way. But guest posts can go wrong.

Should You Consider Hosting Guest Posts?

Should You Consider Hosting Guest Posts?

How can you stop things from going sideways? By keeping our simple guidelines in mind.

Only Work with Authors Who Have a Portfolio of Quality Content

The goal of guest posting is to help your blog, not hurt it. Low-quality writers can only bring your blog down. Before you agree to work with a guest poster, take time to go through their portfolio. Look for a friendly tone, good pacing, interesting approaches, and quality grammar. If their writing is something you enjoy, chances are they are a good option to work with.

Research Them Before You Make the Deal

Even if their portfolio is solid, you need to know who you are about to work with. This means heading to Google and doing your homework. You might discover that the author tends to create a lot of spam content, goes too heavy on the links, or posts opinions that could get you into trouble with your readers. When you share a guest post, you endorse it and the author, so be careful.

Make Your Guidelines Clear

Do you need a specific word count? How many sentences to a paragraph? Are you wanting visuals supplied? Can they link to other sites? If so, how many links? Will you feature a profile for the author? What can go in that? Basically, think about all the variables and outline them clearly from the start.

Reserve Your Right to Reject the Post

Even with a good portfolio, good background, and listing your requirements, you might get a post that just isn’t fit to publish. Maybe they ignored the rules, or perhaps the content isn’t unique. No matter the reason, you should always reserve your right to refuse to publish the post on your blog if you feel it is not the right fit for you.

Own the Content

This sounds like a figurative statement, like you should own whatever you post, even if it is a guest post—and you should. But what we mean is that as part of this deal, you should forever own the post. You can pay the guest blogger and then retain the rights to the piece to use as you see fit and ensure that the guest blogger is not publishing the same piece or a similar piece elsewhere.

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October 20, 2017

Should You Consider Hosting Guest Posts?

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