Are you wondering if blog makeovers will help give your blog a fresh look? Just like anything else in life, when your blog keeps the same look for too long, it can start to feel tired. Also like anything else in life, if you go too big in your changes, it can feel off-putting. So, what is the solution? Subtle changes that still make a big difference. Below are some tips for a blog makeover that will make a difference without throwing readers for a loop.

Tips for Blog Makeovers for a Fresh Look

Tips for Blog Makeovers

Switch to a Sleeker Version of Your Theme

Minimalism is in, so why not embrace it on your blog? There are lots of sleek, minimalist themes on WordPress that you can use, and chances are there is one that is similar to what you already have, smoothing the transition. And if there isn’t? You could opt for a bolder change or you could hire someone to design a theme for you.

Change Your Social Sharing Buttons

Have you had the same design for too long—or worse, the generic buttons with nothing but the platform’s logo? It is time for a change. There are lots of plugins you can use that allow you to customize your social share buttons in a variety of ways, matching them to your theme and increasing your branding. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Add a Call to Action Box

What will this call to action be about? That depends on what you need it for. It could be to get them to sign up for your email list, download an eBook, or head on over to your store. If you do not have one, you need one. If you have one, it is time to change it up in looks and possibly in content as well to remotivate regular readers.

Work on Your Loading Time

This may not seem like a makeover item, but out of everything we have gone over on this list, this is the one that will have the biggest impact on reader satisfaction. Most readers will leave if a page takes more than two seconds to load. If your site doesn’t load quickly, you need to change that.

Change Your Post Format

There are many ways you can do this, but our suggestion is that you Pinterest optimize them. This means focusing on images and creating a special title image that is perfectly pinnable. This helps to bring in new readers via social media while also making every post feel fresher.

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October 31, 2017

Tips for Blog Makeovers for a Fresh Look

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