Thanks to social media, you have a lot of ways to interact with and encourage readers. Despite all the new ways you can engage your audience, your comment section is still the most important. While it might not be the most active, it is visible to everyone, no matter what platform they discover you on. As such, you need to keep it going.

Ways to Encourage Readers to Comment on Your Blog

Ways to Encourage Readers to Comment on Your Blog

Part of that comes down to your participation, but if no one is commenting, there isn’t much participating you can do. If you are not getting the amount of comments you would like, it is time to find ways to encourage readers to comment on your blog. Try some of our ideas below.

Finish with a Question

Have you ever wanted to join a conversation but just didn’t know what to say? That is often how readers feel at the end of a post. They love what they read, have lots of ideas, but getting them out? Not so easy. A question gives them the prompt that will guide their thoughts and make it easier to get them out in text. Try to keep it general enough that the conversation can be organic and move in different directions unless you are seeking specific feedback.

Ask for Help

When you create a list, it is never truly complete. There are always more potential items, but you do not need to create them. Instead, ask the audience to add to them. Not only does it get them sharing, but you will learn from them and be better able to tailor your content in the future. This is a tactic that can get pretty fun too.

Always Answer the Comments

Even if they aren’t asking a question, even if they are repetitive, even if you aren’t quite sure what they were trying to say—answer them. Your answers mean a lot to your readers, and if you have more comments than you can manage, you should consider hiring an assistant to help you get through them.

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November 2, 2017

Ways to Encourage Readers to Comment on Your Blog

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