If you are a blogger, then you know how much code goes into the work you do. But if you aren’t a coder, you have to outsource all of that work. Over time, the costs really add up. Here’s where you can study coding for free.

Where You Can Study Coding for Free

Where You Can Study Coding for Free

Of course, so do the costs of learning how to code, right? Well, not necessarily. There are actually a lot of resources for learning how to code that are completely free. And we have pulled together a list of some of the very best.


If you are truly just getting started, this is the place for you. It is simple, interactive, and provides you with immediate feedback. With Codecademy, you can learn HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more.


Do you learn better when learning is gamified? Then head to Codewars. Here, you complete challenges to earn honors and advance in the ranks. With Codewars, you can learn CoffeeScript, Java, Python, Ruby, Clojure, and Haskell.


Have you ever wished you could go to Harvard or MIT? Well, while this isn’t quite the same as heading off to their campuses for classes, edX is run by professors at these two prestigious colleges. There are over a hundred classes teaching coding languages like Java and Python.

MIT Open Courseware

More interested in the MIT perspective? Then here you go. You do not need to pay tuition to get access; in fact, you don’t even need an account. As for the languages you can study, they pretty much have them all.


While many of the courses are paid, there are also many free options available to you. There are free courses for every coding language out there, so you can easily find the one for you. And if you aren’t sure what you want to study, you don’t lose out by enrolling in various free classes until you find what you want.

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November 9, 2017

Where You Can Study Coding for Free

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