Are you wondering how to keep up with your niche? In blogging, half the battle is staying relevant. While certain aspects of any given niche will remain unchanged, there is a lot that morphs and evolves from season to season and year to year. To make your blog as effective as possible, you need to keep up with what is going on out there.

Ways to Keep Up with Your Niche

Ways to Keep Up with Your Niche

Easier said than done? Not when you use these tools to keep you in the loop. When it comes to blogging, saving time can make all the difference between success and overwhelm. I hope that these time-saving ways to monitor your niche will help you stay on top of things.

Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, you set alerts for various subjects or phrases, and whenever new content is published that matches it, you get an alert. This way you are able to keep up with any trends featured on sites that are indexed by Google. Unless your niche is dark web, Google Alerts will ensure you are never behind the times.

Social Mention

If Google Alerts overwhelms you with information, you can tighten your focus just to social media content. This is a pretty solid approach since most changes and trends only come to fruition because of social media activity. Not only will you get alerts based on your preferences, but you can view metrics to see how big a trend is.


InfiniGraph is a tool that helps you view, track, and graph trends on social media. The idea behind it is that you can see what various audiences are interested in at any given time, and based on these interests, you can decipher their views on various topics, making it easy to tailor your content to them.

Is there another tool you like to use to keep up with trends in your niche? Tell us about it.

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November 13, 2017

Ways to Keep Up with Your Niche

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