Affiliate programs are the go-to way for bloggers to make money, but they are far from your only option. One that you should consider are sponsored post opportunities. With these posts, you get paid to write them, often reviewing or featuring a specific product in the post.

Ways to Find Sponsored Post Opportunities

Ways to Find Sponsored Post Opportunities

While these sound like a great way to earn more, many bloggers are uncertain where to find them. To help you with sponsored posts, let’s take a look at some places where you can find them.

Sponsored Post Sites

These sites are geared towards influencer marketing, so you need to make sure that you have some sway in your niche or that your blog is at least quite solid. These sites serve as middlemen between you and various brands. Depending on the site, you might need to pitch to the company, the company may need to contact you, or a combination of the two. Some sites to check out are Social Fabric, Izea, TapInfluence, Acorn Influence, and Linqia.

Blogger Networks

If you are a part of blogger networks, you know that sometimes sponsored post opportunities will pop up. Since this is not the primary purpose of blogger networks, they are not abundant, and competition will be stiff. Despite this, you should use these networks to find these opportunities and do your best to make a go for them. Even if you don’t land any, being active in these networks is important to your growth and success as a blogger.

Contact Specific Brands and Stores

While cold pitching to larger brands isn’t likely to get results, independent designers, stores, and retailers might be excited to take you up on the offer. And do not just look online; your local small businesses might be just as excited to get the chance to be featured on your blog. Your earnings from these opportunities won’t match what big brands can offer, but the relationships they can help foster are invaluable.

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November 24, 2017

Ways to Find Sponsored Post Opportunities

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