Wondering how to get and display testimonials? There is nothing more powerful for a business than the recommendations of customers. While word of mouth is great, and Yelp reviews have a lot of sway, you need to concentrate on getting testimonials for your website. But this is one of those tasks that can feel a bit awkward. To help you get past that feeling, here are some interesting ways to get testimonials from your customers.

How to Get and Display Testimonials

How to Get and Display Testimonials

Set Up a Facebook Page

When your Facebook page is set up as a business page, people are allowed to leave ratings and reviews. Once they are live, they are public domain. You can easily copy and paste these reviews onto your site and link back to the review on Facebook to assure visitors that the review is legitimate.

Not getting any reviews? Use your page to encourage them. Remind followers to review your business and even make it a part of a giveaway.

Ask for Recommendations and Endorsements on LinkedIn

This only works for personal pages, not business pages. However, if you are the face of your business, this works just fine. You can request reviews from specific people within your network, allowing you to choose those who will be the most favorable in what they write. Then, you can do the same as you would do with your Facebook reviews and copy them to your website.

Hit Up Yelp

Yelp is the king of customer reviews, so if your business is listed there, you will eventually get some reviews. As long as they are favorable, go ahead and use them on your website. You can add more as you get more reviews or change them out should you get a new review you like more.

Ask Customers to Send You Reviews

With every purchase or every email, ask for a review or testimonial. If you are afraid to do this with every customer, target those who are the most loyal. You can offer a reward for the review, providing extra motivation.

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November 27, 2017

How to Get and Display Testimonials

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