Are you wondering about using Tailwind as a blogger? Pinterest is a difficult platform for bloggers to use when working to expand their reach. While other social media platforms have clear peak times of use when you should publish posts, there is no clearly ideal time to pin. As such, it is advisable that bloggers pin as much as 25 times a day.

Using Tailwind as a Blogger

Using Tailwind as a Blogger

That adds up to a lot of time on Pinterest. If you do not want to spend your life on Pinterest—and it is fine if you do—you need to find another way to get things done. That is where Tailwind comes in.

Tailwind is an app that runs on your desktop or mobile device and gives you the ability to schedule pins in advance—even months in advance. So, for example, you could see something great for Halloween in April, create the pin, and schedule it for the middle of October. It costs 9 dollars a month, but there are currently multiple ways you can try it out for free.

The benefits of using Tailwind are likely clear to you as a blogger, but let’s take a look at some specific ways you can use it.

Schedule Pins as You Make Your Editorial Calendar

Once you know what you will be writing about on a given day, you can go ahead and finds pins and pin them, setting them to go live shortly after you will publish your related post. Not only does this make things go smoothly the day of, but while pinning, you are essentially researching for the post. Obviously this is best when you are within a week to a month of creating the post.

Look for Pins Related to Seasonal or Scheduled Concepts

It is common to come across interesting pins that just aren’t right for the moment. Tricks for dealing with Daylight Saving Time in July, for example, or Valentine’s Day pins in November. With Tailwind, you do not need to go back and find the pins in the future to share them; you just go ahead and schedule them now. You can do this with other scheduled items, such as elections, television show and movie premieres, and other similar items.

Use the Built-In Analytics

In addition to its help with scheduling, Tailwind gives you access to helpful analytics to make it easier for you to understand how you are performing on Pinterest. While there are other options for this, why not combine it with the helpful scheduling features?

Have you used Tailwind? Share your experience with us.

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November 28, 2017

Using Tailwind as a Blogger

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