Interested in connecting with PR Firms? In order to make it big in the blogging world, you have to be discovered by brands and their PR firms. The problem is that to be noticed by a PR firm, you usually need to have bad it big. So, does that mean all is lost?

Connecting with PR Firms

Connecting with PR Firms

Not quite. You do have some options, and one is seeking out the PR firms yourself. How do you do that? Let’s take a look.

Pick the Brands You Want to Work With

While you could technically pitch to PR firms in general, most aren’t looking for broad pitches. The better approach is to determine the brands you want to work with first. Then you can figure out who their PR firm is. In some cases, it may be in house and in other cases it may be a large firm.

Write a Specific Pitch

While PR firms are trained to do the work, they want to do it for the people they choose. You are approaching them, so you need to do the leg work, so to speak. Come to them with a very specific idea and craft your pitch around it. Here are the items your pitch should include:

  1. An Introduction: Here is where you greet the person you are writing to and explain who you are. Keep it brief, but include what is important: your blog, your niche, and the demographics you reach.
  2. Data: Here is where you give yourself a bit more credibility by going over a few numbers. Focus on the visitors—per day, per week, per month—and specific unique versus recurring visitors. You do not need to go into too much depth as you can make your media kit an attachment.
  3. The Pitch: Now that you have established who you are and the sway you hold, it is time to get into what you are wanting to propose. Remember: be specific. What are the topics covered? How will the brand work into it? What are the dates and times the posts will go live? Will you promote on social media and the like as well?

Outline What You Want in Return

This part can feel uncomfortable, but it is necessary. You are reaching out for a reason, and it isn’t to do work for free. And, you do not need to be overly specific, but the general idea should be there. You are hoping to work out compensation, or you would like to be featured by them in some way. Come up with something that you are aiming for.


Thank the person for their time and find a way to reference the main points of your pitch once more without it feeling like a summary. Then sign off, proofread it, and send it off.

Do you have any tips for connecting with PR firms?

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November 29, 2017

Connecting with PR Firms

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