Planning a publishing schedule is a juggling act. You have to consider current trends, the season, current events, past posts, and more, and you have to do this across your various platforms. And if you utilize an influencer network, you also need to take it into consideration. It can feel overwhelming and be more than a little exhausting. However, the end results are worth it.

Planning a Publishing Schedule that Leverages Your Influencer Network

Planning a Publishing Schedule that Leverages Your Influencer Network

So, what do you need to know to plan a publishing schedule that is both effective and leverages your influencer network? Let’s take a look.

Start with the Main Content

In general, you will have one main piece of content that drives the other content you share. For many, this is a blog as their blog has the largest word count and oftentimes other postings, such as those on Facebook and Twitter, are designed to promote or accompany the blog. However, depending on the brand, the main content could be on Facebook, LinkedIn, or another platform.

Once you are looking at the main content, you need to come up with your topics. These topics should take a variety of factors into account. Ensure that there is something tying them together each week and work to incorporate trends, holidays, and other items that make them feel extra relevant to your readers.

From there, determine what times of day the posts will be best received and how often you should post them. This allows you to establish the heart of your posting schedule.

Move into Other Platforms

Once you know what your topics are and when they will be posted, you can move into other platforms. One thing you will want to do is promote the main content directly by referencing it and linking to it. However, you can also enhance the main content by posting things like relevant memes and videos that do not directly promote the content but to tie into the topic. Be certain to research which times of day are best for posting and how often you should post for each platform and schedule your content accordingly.

Leveraging Your Influencers

So far, the focus has been on you and your posts. That might leave you wondering just exactly how your influencers will work into your schedule. Well, there are actually many ways you can bring them in.

First of all, when they create content that promotes your brand or product, you will want to help them get the word out. As part of your schedule, you will want to note their own posting schedule and then come up with posts that help them promote the content that promotes you.

Next, consider that an influencer partnership will be interested in a certain amount of give and take. One way you can do this is to schedule guest posts, live chats, and other events with the influencer. Work these into your posting schedule, even if they are not posts per se.

You may also want to share images, videos, and other items from your influencer that are not directly related to your brand but help to establish the authority of the influencer. Once again, get these into your schedule.

Finally, you want to control the flow of content from influencers related to your brand or product. If you have many influencers working with you, you do not want them to all post at the same time. By keeping their posts in your schedule, you can see if there is any overlap that could prove problematic and remove it.

While this sounds simple, in practice, it can get a bit complicated. But just keep a cool head and stay organized and you will find it all works out in the end.

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December 6, 2017

Planning a Publishing Schedule that Leverages Your Influencer Network

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