Are you wondering about giving influencers creative freedom? Traditional approaches to marketing are all about control. The company comes up with the brand or product, decides how it should fit into customer’s lives, and fashions a narrative around it. Through this narrative, they control everything, from the language used to the exact color tones and lighting used in advertisements.

Why Giving Influencers Creative Freedom Creates Stronger Partnerships

Why Giving Influencers Creative Freedom Creates Stronger Partnerships

And for the better part of a century, this type of marketing was incredibly effective.

But, as is the case with so many things in life, social media changed the game. Companies no longer have full control over the narrative of their brands and products. Customers can voice their opinions to more than just their immediate circle and many potential customers will consult reviews on blogs or unboxing videos before they will make a purchase rather than just being motivated by a commercial.

Another way social media has changed the game is making influencer endorsements more important than celebrity endorsements. And this really brings the control issue to the forefront. How much creative freedom should you give your influencers when it comes to your promotional partnership?

While it is a balancing act and the exact amount will vary from influencer to influencer, we recommend that you allow them a significant amount of creative freedom. Why is that?

Influencer Followers Are Not Looking to Be Marketed To

Now, that might sound like using influencers to market is a bad idea, but that isn’t the case. What it means is that their followers do not want to feel talked down to or marketed at. Rather, they are looking to be part of a conversation. The struggle here is that they already participate in conversations with the influencer, so they can tell what is authentic and what is not. If you insert yourself and your ideas into this too much, the followers will be able to tell. Instead, give the influencer the creative freedom they need to keep their followers happy, which in turn keeps your partnership strong.

Influencers Know Their Followers

It can be hard to let go of the vision you have for your product or brand, but sometimes it is necessary. Because influencers know their followers very well, they can see applications for your product or brand that you might be blind to. If you are open to considering this rather than instantly resistant, you can gain some very important insights that you will be able to apply to your marketing methods in the future, turning your partnership with the influencer into something that is much more bi-directional than traditional campaigns.

Influencers Know Their Format

Influencers are not marketing your brand or product in 15-second or 30-second snippets. They are creating videos, blog posts, or even series around them. The best practices for this are incredibly different from those in a simple advertisement, and unless you have experience as a blogger or vlogger, you won’t be able to direct their execution to perfection. Instead, let the influencer take the reins and do what they do best.

A Word of Caution

With all of this said, you should demand that you get final approval over anything before it goes live. In many cases, influencers are just ordinary people who happen to have connected with a segment of the population interested in a particular niche. They generally are not trained in business best practices and may not always be able to see how something can be received wrong. If you have properly vetted the influencer in advance, you won’t likely run into any massive problems, but it is always best to still review all items before they go live.

What do you think about giving influencers creative freedom? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you put together the best campaign possible.

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December 11, 2017

Why Giving Influencers Creative Freedom Creates Stronger Partnerships

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