Are you wondering why you need to check out your influencer’s social feed? Is the real life you the same as the social media you? Probably not. Even those who strive to be authentic in their social media presence are holding some things back. But something else is also generally true: who you are on Facebook is different from who you are on Twitter, who is also different from who you are on Instagram, etc.

Why You Need to Check Out Your Influencer’s Social Feed

Why You Need to Check Out Your Influencer’s Social Feed

When you find an influencer you are interested in, you usually find them on a specific platform. Maybe it is through YouTube videos on their channel or posts on their blog. It is easy to just stop there and reach out to them, working out a deal. But as with any business deal, you must do your due diligence. And when it comes to partnering with an influencer, that due diligence is checking out their social feed.

Why and how should you do this? Let’s take a look.

Why You Need to Check Influencer Social Feeds

There are many, many reasons you need to check influencer social feeds—more than we can adequately cover. However, we will go over some of them here to give you a basic understanding as to why you should take this extra step and the motivation to do so.

Let’s start with the true disasters. You might find an influencer whose blog fits perfectly within your niche, one who writes well, has an engaged audience, and just seems ideal. But when you check their Twitter feed, you see that they are posting or retweeting content that is not just contrary to the niche or your business mission and values, but it actually downright offensive. The last thing you want is to be permanently linked to a controversial figure.

Now, let’s move on to things that are more directly related to the business aspect of things. Once again, let’s say you find this seemingly ideal influencer through their blog. They seem to be getting a lot of comments on each post, and according to their social media buttons, their posts are getting shared across a bunch of different platforms. But when you go to look at their social media feed, you may discover that their engagement levels there are less-than-stellar. Since you want maximum reach across all platforms, this changes how good of a fit they are for you.

Another possibility is that you will find that their image is not consistent. Their blog, Facebook, and Twitter are all about their healthy lifestyle, which hypothetically fits right in with your niche. Then you hit Instagram and their feed is filled with meals out multiple days a week: filtered shots of greasy hamburgers, loaded fries, and slices of cake bigger than your head. Because authenticity matters, you will likely want to let this influencer go.

How to Check Influencer Social Feeds

When you find the influencer, chances are they will have various social media profiles linked. Start there, but do not stop there. Look at the handles they are using on their promoted platforms and search them on other platforms. Also, if you know their real name, search that as well and see if they have problematic private profiles that are public.

If you come across something problematic, you have two options: ask the influencer to change it or walk away. While it might be tempting to ask the influencer to change it, keep in mind that the internet is like an elephant: it never forgets. Even if they are willing to make changes, the past may come back to haunt you.

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December 18, 2017

Why You Need to Check Out Your Influencer’s Social Feed

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