When it comes to working with influencers, it is important to make your expectations clear. However, even with basic guidelines, there are many ways things can go wrong. Nowhere is this truer than with images.

What Types of Images Do You Want Your Influencers to Use?

What Types of Images Do You Want Your Influencers to Use?

Because images are consumed so quickly and easily, they have more control over the way your brand is perceived than text. We all know the saying—a picture is worth a thousand words. And in the age of social media, really, it is worth a lot more than that.

And this means that when you are working with influencers, you need to make your expectations regarding image use clear. So, what are some things you should outline for your influencers?

Are Stock Images Okay?

Stock images have long been used in media and marketing. However, not everyone is a fan. If your brand is built around being super authentic and down-to-earth, stock images won’t work. And even if you are good with stock images, you might want to limit what can be used. Sometimes stock images are great, but other times they are just cheesy and awkward.

Should They Use Their Own Images?

Let’s say you give an influencer a product of yours and ask them to review it. Should they take their own photos of and with the product, or do you want more control? While allowing them to creates more authenticity, it also comes with certain risks. You should ask to have final approval of all images used.

What About Pinnable Images?

When it comes to social media exposure, Pinterest has become king for many brands, and that means you will likely want them to create pinnable images. But what is a pinnable image to you? Look into best practices as well as what you look for when pinning and outline what you want from your influencer.

What Should They Emphasize?

No matter what kinds of images they use, you need to think about what aspects of your product they should be highlighting. While thinking you want to highlight them all is natural, it is kind of like saying you want your content to be written for an audience of everyone—you need to narrow it down a bit if you want it to be effective. For example, if your product is a car seat, the whole seat should be amazing, but you might want to specifically highlight its convertible design.

What Product-Specific Guidelines Should be Considered?

All products have best practices and uses. Going back to the car seat example, according to research, car seats are safest when placed in the middle of the back seat or behind the driver’s seat, so when photographing, the car seat should be placed in the safest spot. What are those little things that matter with your product? Outline those to your influencers and ensure they are reflected in any images they use.

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December 26, 2017

What Types of Images Do You Want Your Influencers to Use?

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