Wondering how to set clear expectations for your influencers? In any arrangement, whether business or social, mismatched expectation signal nothing good. This is especially true when working with influencers. Why does this matter so much with influencers?

How to Set Clear Expectations for Your Influencers

How to Set Clear Expectations for Your Influencers

While some influencers you will want to work with are seasoned veterans who might even have business and marketing training, many of them are not. Oftentimes they are just people who happen to be passionate and knowledgeable about a specific topic and are good at using social media to build a following. While this allows them to be successful in their ventures, it doesn’t always naturally translate into a clear and balanced partnership. If you are one of the first partnerships a given influencer has, you can anticipate there being a bit of a learning curve, and even if you aren’t, do not expect things to flow smoothly on their own.

And the best way to prevent disaster from striking is setting clear expectations. Below are some simple tips for doing so.

Never Assume Anything is Obvious

Let’s say your brand is focused on ways to enhance or supplement education at home for preschool children. If this is your focus, you would think you could assume your influencer would know to use family-friendly language in all of their content, no matter the platform, ensuring they are representing the right values. But if you just assume the influencer knows this, you are setting yourself up for disappointment, and potentially a lot of embarrassment. Before you get started, really think about the ways things can go wrong and outline your expectations regarding these things. You might be afraid of insulting the influencer, but that would be a better result than damaging your brand.

Set Basic Guidelines

Going off of never assuming anything is obvious, create your basic guidelines. Think about things like conduct, language, brand presentation, and more. Make these clear without getting too specific. Being too specific can come back to bite you should the influencer do something that skirts the guidelines without breaking them.

Always Establish Deadlines

While there is something to be said for being flexible, you do not want to give those you partner with too much flexibility, especially when it comes to deadlines. Ultimately, things need to get done, and they need to be done on a schedule. If possible, outline the campaign in full before you get started, setting goals and deadlines.

Know Your Standards

You want good work from your influencer, but what does that look like? We recommend you approach this as a teacher might, creating a rubric for any given project. This becomes a standard of measurement you can use, and if the influencer is interested in it, that they can use as well.

Determine What Metrics Need to Be Shared

When you partner with an influencer, you cannot measure results on your own since some of those results will only be available on the influencer’s site and social media pages. Just as you consider your metrics to be something private, so does your influencer. However, in order to measure the success of the campaign, you need that data. Outline what metrics must be shared with you, and what metrics you must share with them, in advance.

Agree to Payment

Finally, while there is a certain give and take present in such a collaboration, your partnership with an influencer should include monetary compensation to them. Be certain that payments terms are clearly outlined before the campaign begins so there are no surprises.

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December 29, 2017

How to Set Clear Expectations for Your Influencers

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