There’s been a lot of talk lately on social media about ambassador programs. And, there are a lot of people asking just what is an ambassador program. I’ve been blogging for nine years, and I have seen a lot of different people talking about this topic. It seems like just about everyone has a different definition. Here are a few things to consider the next time you are asked to be part of one.

What is An Ambassador Program?

What is An Ambassador Program?

One of the most important things you can do when you’re asked to be part of an ambassador program is to ask what that involves. While you may know what you consider an ambassador program, that doesn’t mean the person you’re speaking to shares the same definition.


When most bloggers hear the words ambassador program, they expect to be involved in a long-term partnership. Since many brands operate on a fiscal year basis, this can mean anything from six months to a year.


Many bloggers expect that an ambassador program will be paid in some way. Because these are generally long-term partnerships, compensation is usually higher than their standard rate for one post. This may vary depending on how many products are sent to the blogger and whether or not there are extras like paid trips included.


This varies greatly depending on the ambassador program. Some programs ask only for social media shares. Some expect that the blogger will post every month on their blog and promote on social media. And, some ask that the blogger create videos or Facebook live sessions.


Because many ambassador programs ask the blogger not to work with competing brands, they often pay much better than standard opportunities. If there is the potential you may have to turn down work during the ambassador program, you want to make sure the amount you’re receiving makes that worthwhile. This exclusivity clause is another reason why many bloggers expect ambassador programs to be well paid.


What a blogger is offered for their participation in an ambassador program will be influenced by their size and experience. A smaller, newer blogger will probably not receive the same amount of compensation a larger, well-established blogger does.

What they are not

Everyone has their own definition of an ambassador program. But, there are several things they are not. If a company offers you nothing more than potential compensation if you make a sale, they have confused affiliate program with ambassador program.

Word to brands

When considering which bloggers to invite to your ambassador program, consider their size and experience. While a newer, smaller blogger may be very happy to accept monthly packages of your product line, it’s unlikely that a larger blogger will. If they currently accept only pay for their work, they will probably expect to be paid for participation.

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January 3, 2018

What is An Ambassador Program?

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