Are you wondering about creating a media kit? A lot goes into making your brand successful, and as the years go by, the items you need will change. However, there is one item that has remained constant when it comes to effective marketing for your brand: a quality media kit. While creating one can feel stressful, we have the tips you need to make yours enticing and unique. Read below to learn more.

A Brand’s Guide to Creating a Media Kit

A Brand’s Guide to Creating a Media Kit

What Is a Media Kit?

A media kit is a page or file that you post on your website containing everything curious guests need to understand your brand, what it offers, its reach, and more. While some or all of the elements of your media kit can likely be found on other pages on your site, you still want to have a media kit to pull them all together and make it easy for interested parties to find the information they need. In other words, while you may have an about page, a press page, or a partnership page—or all three—you still need the media kit. It should be well designed, include high-quality photos, and target the press, advertisers, or both.

Who Might Be Interested in Your Media Kit?

While there are plenty of people who might click on your media kit, you will want to tailor it to the audience that matters most to you, as you would do with any of your marketing materials. So, what are some target audiences you might want to consider?
Readers and Customers: If you have a loyal following or want to build one, chances are they will want to learn more about you. Your media kit is a great way to show them what you are all about.

Advertisers: When looking for brands and influencers to partner with, advertisers check out media kits to see if you have the clout they need. To target advertisers, focus on things like compact facts, awards, and testimonials.

Journalists: Your media kit can help you generate press for your company or product. If you are contacted for an interview or profile, your media kit can serve as a base for the journalist, making their job easier while also pointing them in the right direction.

Investors: As people or companies look for investment opportunities, they have to do their research. Although they will want more than just your media kit before they invest, your media kit is the first step in their research and they may not consider you without one.

Items Every Media Kit Needs

Now that you know who your audience may be and a bit about what they will be looking for, let’s get into the items that every media kit needs, no matter the audience you target.

Your Company History: Even if you are a new brand, your company has history, starting with the inspiration that pushed you towards creating it. Keep this engaging but brief so it does not overwhelm the reader.

Your Vision, Mission, and Values: This part can be hard to craft, but it is essential. In this section, you show your goals for your company and the core of who you are. This can help your audience see how well you match up to them.

Frequently Asked Questions: Your readers will have questions, so you might as well try to give them the answers up front. If you are uncertain what to put here, check out other media kits to get some inspiration.

Logos and Images: These need to be high-resolution and should be made to work on multiple sites and social media platforms. Standard sizes are:

  • Instagram: 1080 x 1080
  • Facebook: 940 x 788
  • Twitter: 1024 x 512
  • LinkedIn: 550 x 375

Demographics: Who are your readers and customers? This is something that everyone will want to know, but especially advertisers and investors. Get as specific as you can to help people understand who you connect with.

While there are other items you can include, these are the basics you absolutely need when creating a media kit. So, do you have any examples of awesome media kits you want to share with us?

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January 5, 2018

A Brand’s Guide to Creating a Media Kit

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