Wondering how to grow your brand? While advertising is not exactly a thing of the past, newer methods of reaching audiences are gaining in popularity, and quickly proving to be more effective. Right now, the biggest trend is relying on the use of influencers to reach new customers, clients, readers, and more. More than a celebrity endorsement, leveraging influencers gives you access to their built-in audiences and gives you the opportunity to transfer them to your brand.

How to grow your brand with influencers

How to Grow Your Brand with Influencers

Why Brands Are Turning to Influencers

Endorsements are nothing new in the world of marketing, but influencer endorsements take a different approach. First, influencers are not just known figures who people like; they are people that the audience actually interacts with online, growing to see them more like a friend than an untouchable celebrity. When they recommend something, the audience doesn’t look into it just because the person is cool, but because they believe this person will not lead them wrong.

Second, it allows brands to advertise without things feeling overly-salesy. Because our society has been heavily commercialized for so long, many people are jaded when it comes to advertising. As such, they just do not respond well to traditional methods any longer. However, partnering with influencers allows you to market in a more organic way, once that allows you to place a greater emphasis on art than on sales, creating communication that feels meaningful to the audience.

So, How Can You Grow Your Brand with Influencers?

There are many ways you can use influencer to grow your brand, a no one is inherently better than others. This means that effectively creating a plan to grow your brand with influencer help requires a lot of planning on your part. Some things you might need to consider include:

How Much Control Do You Want? If having a lot of control over the way your brand is marketed is important to you, you might want to create the content that your influencer shares. In the case of video content, this means story-boarding everything for them or creating a video for them to share, depending on if you want the influencer directly in the material or not. In the case of photos, you may want to map out how you want the shots to be taken for content featuring the influencer, or provide the photos you want shared. And, of course, you will want to get final approval before things go live.

Do You Want an Organic Feel? If so, you may not want to exercise as much control. When you control the content shared, audiences can pick up on the difference between it and what the influencer usually posts. This can have negative effects on you and the influencer. People want authenticity, and in some cases, achieving that may mean taking a step back and allowing the influencer to just do their thing, offering minimal parameters to guide them.

What Platforms Are You Targeting? While certain platforms are known for their influencers—such as Instagram and YouTube—you have to go where your audience is. If your audience isn’t known for its Instagram use, an Instagram celebrity isn’t going to be of much use to you, no matter how great their reach.

What Kind of Reach Do You Want? Some influencers reach a very large audience, but that audience is incredibly varied. Others reach a relatively small audience, but that audience fits a very specific demographic, making it easier to market to them. Which is right for you will depend on what your brand is and what your goals are.

Getting Started

Once you have the answers to the questions above, you can start looking for influencers. As you zero in on the ones you want to work with, you need to start developing a relationship. Schedule an interview to introduce yourself and slowly move into the marketing aspects of the relationship. Before anything is established, be sure to comprehensively outline your strategy and come to clear agreements with the influencer, as well as determine how you will be measuring the success of the partnership. From there, you can jump into the process, but be ready to learn as you go.

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January 8, 2018

How to Grow Your Brand with Influencers

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