Creating a new product is a daunting task, but even once it is ready to go, your work is not done. Now it is time to plan a successful product rollout. Maybe you have done this before, or perhaps it is your first time. No matter what, chances are you have a few things to learn. To assist you in achieving maximum success with your product, let’s look at the steps you need to take to plan a successful product rollout.

How to Plan a Successful Product Rollout

How to Plan a Successful Product Rollout

Start by Outlining the Audience and Objectives of Your Product Launch

First, who are the customers you are trying to reach? Are they new customers, recurring customers, or even a small subset of your recurring customers you want to test the product with? From there, you can determine what you are wanting from this launch. Are you trying to get feedback on the product? Is the selling of the product the main objective, or is building your list the real goal here? How can you measure your objective? If you cannot measure it, pick a new objective. Once you know your audience and objective, you can begin to move forward.

Next, Determine What Your Launch Assets Are

Launch assets are anything that can assist you in a successful product launch. While money is important here, there are many assets you already have that don’t cost you a thing. Mailing and email lists, videos, advertisements, design software, your website, and other items are all assets that can help assist you in your product launch. If there are assets that you think you might need, start looking into how you can obtain them so you can ensure a successful launch. Remember: no matter how small an asset seems, if it can assist you, include it in your list of assets.

From There, Craft Your Offer

You now know what assets you have at your disposal. The next step is to create your offer. To get started, really dig deep and think about all the features and benefits of your product. Why would people buy it? What problem does it solve? How will it help them? Who will it help? Is it backed by a guarantee? Are there any discounts for the initial buyers? You need to think about all the concerns your buyers may have about your product or products in that category in general and craft your offer to address their concerns.

Next, Pull Together Your Team

A product launch is not a solo effort. This means that you will need others on your side, even if they do not play a large role. For example, you may need a graphic designer to help create your visuals, a web designed to create the site or pages for your product, and copywriter or editor to ensure you have great copy, and even fulfillment staff to get your product in the mail and to your customer’s homes. While it might be tempting to save money, keep full control, and do it all yourself, in many cases, outsources at least a few of the tasks is a good idea.

Finally, Create Your Launch Plan

Your launch plan should clearly outline the tasks you need to complete in the sequence they need to be completed in. Factor in things like content creation, day-by-day steps, when you will contact potential customers, and more. This plan should be as detailed as possible.

While it is a daunting task, your product launch will be successful as long as you plan it well. So take some time to think it through and create the right plan for your product.

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January 12, 2018

How to Plan a Successful Product Rollout

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