Are you wondering how to work with influencers to launch a new product? Chances are you already understand why working with influencers is an effective marketing strategy. You know that their audience relates to them personally and that they take their recommendations to be on the same level as those from friends and family. But knowing that you should work with influencers is not the same as knowing how to work with them.

How to Work with Influencers to Launch a New Product

How to Work with Influencers to Launch a New Product

If you are getting ready to launch a product and are curious about how you can bring the work of influencers into the process, we have some suggestions for making it work.

1. Start with Social Media Promotions

Depending on the campaign you are looking to launch, this could be the start of your agreement with the influencer or it could be the sum of it. However, this basic element of influencer collaboration is vital and a great starting point. To get this going, you should meet or speak with the influencer first, building a connection with them. Come to them with examples of posts you like but with notes about how you would like to see them made unique. Then, see if they will agree to start promoting your product on their social media pages and work out what the give and take will be to get this going.

The hardest part here is selecting the right influencer for your product. While it is tempting to go for the influencers with the greatest reach, you want to focus more on engagement. Additionally, with influencer marketing, authenticity is always key. This means that when you find influencers who have the engagement you want and fit your niche, you still need to make certain they are excited about your product, otherwise their audience will be able to tell, turning them off of both the influencer and your product.

2. Remember: Two Minds Are Better Than One

It is difficult to let go of control when it comes to your products. You spend ages agonizing over every decision, making certain it is the right one. Then, you start working with influencers and they want input on the promotional process?

To help make this more palatable, think about it from the perspective of the influencer: their online presence is everything to them, and yet here they are, welcoming you in and allowing you some creative control as well. Should you not do the same?

Beyond just being fair, bringing them on board helps you. You get to share the burden rather than shoulder it all on your own. Also, these are people who are interacting with the audience every day, so they probably know them better than you do. Finally, they know who they are and how they communicate, making them essential to appearing authentic as they market your product. This means that their input can make a major, and positive, impact on your product launch.

3. Take Influencers Offline

While most of what you will do with your influencer partnership will be online, there is no reason you cannot dabble in more traditional marketing platforms. Radio ads are a good way to jump into this without spending too much money, as well as ads for local programs on TV. This is a great way to gain exposure for both you and the influencer.

Are these all the ways you can work with an influencer for your product launch? Not quite; the possibilities are quite extensive. However, we hope that these ideas will help you in getting started.

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January 15, 2018

How to Work with Influencers to Launch a New Product

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