Looking for tips for working with bloggers? Over the past few weeks, we have looked at various aspects of working with influencers. However, the manner in which you approach these partnerships can vary based on the type of platform your influencer uses to reach their audience. Today, we are going to look specifically at bloggers.

Tips for Working with Bloggers

Tips for Working with Bloggers

Why Bloggers Make Great Influencers

Although bloggers do tend to branch out into other forms of media, vlogging in particular, their primary method of communicating with their audience is through the written word. While people in videos often seem removed from us, likely due to our associations with television and movies, we tend to feel a personal connection to those whose words we read. As such, bloggers tend to have a strong core readership that sees them as being akin to a friend or relative rather than a distant or untouchable stranger. This can be incredibly effective when you are looking to gain the trust of customers.

Clear Communication Is the Basis of Your Relationship with Your Influencer

And this is true whether your influencer is a blogger or uses another platform as their main form of online presence. This means outlining things that you might think should be able to go unsaid, but really, you need to be clear about. To help you with your discussions with the blogger you work with, here are some points you might wish to cover:

Can they mention your competition? If so, how do you want it to be handled?
How often should they mention your product or brand? And, how long will this partnership go on?
How long should the posts regarding your brand or product be?
What tone should their posts use?
Is there language you want to have them avoid?
What visuals should they use in their posts?

While this is not everything you will want to go over, it should be enough to get you thinking about what is important to you.

Monitor the Blogger

Perhaps this should go without saying, but it is best we make it clear: you need to keep up with the blogger to ensure that they are not only sharing content related to your brand or product in the way you want them to, but that their other content is not in conflict with your campaign. This can happen in many ways, from helping to promote a brand or product in direct competition with yours to sharing things that can offend the audience you are wanting to target. Be certain to read not just the posts they create for you, but all content they publish on their blog and social media pages.

Keep Up Your End of the Bargain

Bloggers are looking for something in return when they partner with you. In many cases, this is just financial compensation, but it is not uncommon for bloggers to want backlinks, promotion on your social media pages, and other ways of benefiting from working with you. For a relationship with a blogger to be successful, both parties need to be happy with the results.

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January 19, 2018

Tips for Working with Bloggers

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