Wondering how to pick the right social media influencer? There is a lot of buzz around influencer marketing and the impact it can make on your target audience. This might make you want to jump right into influencer marketing, but we caution you to take some time to really research and plan the process. Once you feel confident about starting a working relationship with a social media influencer, you need to begin searching for the right one for your brand.

How to Pick the Right Social Media Influencer for Your Brand

How to Pick the Right Social Media Influencer for Your Brand

Keep in mind that this is a task where instinct can lead you wrong. For example, it is tempting to target those with the most followers, but in many cases, this doesn’t deliver the results you want. So, how can you pick the right social media influencer for your brand?

What Are the Results You Want?

In education, instructors use something called backwards design. With this planning approach, you start with the results you want to achieve and then plan backwards from there. This ensures that every step you take is directly targeted to reach your goal. While this is an educational practice, it works in many fields, so we recommend you start your journey by asking yourself what you want to achieve.

How Will You Measure Your Results?

Keeping with the theme of backwards design, you need to know how you are going to test to determine if the results you want have been achieved. There are many ways you can measure the success of a social media campaign, and the measurements that matter to you will depend on what your goal is.

Who Will Give You These Results?

Phrased another way, who is your target audience? Try to be as specific as possible, keeping in mind that your target audience is never just everyone. This will help you to start narrowing down the influencers you want to consider working with, as they need to be someone your target audience follows.

Who Can Best Reach These People and Deliver the Results You Seek?

Now is where you look at your reduced pool of potential influencers and start to eliminate candidates one by one. Some things to consider include:

Does reach matter more or is interaction what counts? If reach is your goal, a macro influencer is a good choice. If you want interaction, a micro influencer is for you.
Do they promote a lot of different products or services? Does this work for you or might it be too salesy for what you are trying to do?
Are you wanting an influencer who follows your lead or do you want more of a partnership?
When you look at their social media history, do their posts fit with the tone and vision of your brand?
Is there anything controversial about the influencer that might cause trouble for your brand?
Are they active on the social media platforms that matter most to you?
Do they have a history of delivering results for other clients?

These are just some general questions to guide you and you should come up with some that are personalized to your goals to ensure you are getting the best fit.

Once you determine which influencer you want to work with, it is time to contact them and broach the subject of working together.

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January 22, 2018

How to Pick the Right Social Media Influencer for Your Brand

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