Are you wondering why to look at influencer content? When seeking out an influencer to work with, it is tempting to base your decision on the numbers—primarily their number of followers on various social media platforms. However, this is only part of the picture, and if you are going to get good results, you need to look at the picture as a whole.

Numbers Aren’t Everything: Why You Should Look at Influencer Content

Numbers Aren’t Everything

For example, Logan Paul is one of the biggest influencers on YouTube with more than 15 million subscribers, plus high numbers across other social media platforms. However, earlier this month he got caught up in a major scandal—one you have no doubt read about—and his content for many years has been considered questionable at best. If you were looking for an influencer based on numbers alone, one who targets younger millennials, he could seem like a good choice. Once you look at his content, not so much.

Of course, the risk is not just major controversy like that which Logan Paul has drummed up. There are other things to consider beyond numbers, such as the following.

Does Their Audience Really Match your Target Audience?

We mentioned targeting younger millennials, so let’s continue with that. While the media loves to group all millennials together, the truth is that it is a very diverse generation. The influencer you are looking at may very well be followed by younger millennials, but are these men or women? Are they college students or working adults? Do they enjoy artistic pursuits or are they more into sports? You need to get into the data at a deeper level.

Does Their Tone Match Your Brand’s Tone?

This is a pretty major factor to consider, and it isn’t one that can be understood by breaking things down into numbers. This means you need to really go through their content and determine if their tone, their voice, lines up with the one you use. While it shouldn’t be identical, it does need to be complementary. Consider things like formality, brevity, slang, and other aspects that help viewers classify the tone of the content and make sure it works for you.

Does Their Look Work with Yours?

Now, this does not mean their personal appearance, although it certainly can. You should examine everything that will matter to your audience. This includes their photographic style, the graphics they use, what they put in their cover photo, their use of filters, and pretty much everything that is visually consumed by the audience. Just as with their words, you want their look to complement yours.

Is Their Engagement Authentic?

While numbers can tell you about the level of engagement occurring, it cannot tell you how authentic it is. This is something you need to assess for yourself. While this does mean reading through lots of posts and comments, it is better to do your homework now than learn a hard lesson later. Check to see how frequently the influencer responds to their followers and if their responses seem genuine or not. Also examine the comments from followers to see if they sound organic or if they could be paid for by the influencer.

In essence, you need to make certain the influencer is an authentic fit for your brand before you begin working together instead of jumping into the relationship based on numbers alone.

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January 24, 2018

Numbers Aren’t Everything: Why You Should Look at Influencer Content

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