Do you know why actionable goals are so important? When relationships break down, whether they are personal or professional, a lack of communication is often at the heart of the problem. This is certainly true when it comes to influencer campaigns. Because these campaigns tend to be done almost entirely online, often never speaking in person, it is very easy for the lines of communication to become crossed. And that means that clarity on your end is vital.

Have Actionable Goals for Influencer Campaigns

Have Actionable Goals for Influencer Campaigns

The obvious start to this is to make certain the influencer knows what your goals are and that there is a path towards achieving them, which the influencer is aware of and understands their role in the journey. This means sitting down with the influencer and outlining your goals and the steps you feel should be taken in order to realize them.

Of course, this all sounds pretty abstract right now. So, to help you, let’s take a look at some actionable goals you might have for your influencer.

Actionable Goals for Influencer Campaigns

  • Awareness for a cause or a campaign
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • More followers on one or more social media pages
  • Creation of quality content
  • Greater audience engagement
  • Purchases of a product or service
  • Gaining newsletter subscribers
  • Inspiring follower-created content
  • Getting a link shared or a hashtag used

And these examples are really just the beginning. Once you know the goals, you outline the steps needed to achieve them and come to an agreement with the influencer that they will take these steps.

Exercising Control Over the Campaign

While clear communication is vital to success, even when you do your best, there may be mixed messages, or the influencer may not voice their confusion. This can lead to less-than-ideal content being created, published, and associated with your brand. Obviously, this is not what you want.

As such, we recommend that even if you are giving the influencer a lot of creative control, you still maintain final approval over any content before it is published. To make this work, you need to establish a schedule with the influencer that gives you time to review all content, request changes, and have those changes made before the publication date.

Keep in mind that you will need different time frames for different types of content. A Tweet you can review with a few hours’ notice while a video will need several days to give them time to edit or even reshoot. In-depth planning goes a long way in influencer campaigns.

To ensure that everything, including the schedule, is communicated well, you should maintain a shared editorial calendar. There are many apps and services that will manage this for you. However, you can also create your own using Google Drive, DropBox, and other similar services.

If you follow the advice here, will everything be smooth sailing? While this won’t take care of all the bumps in the road, it should get you off to an excellent start. Keep the lines of communication open and chances are you will be able to get past those bumps without a problem.
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January 26, 2018

Have Actionable Goals for Influencer Campaigns

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