Wondering how to find influencers that match your brand? There are many factors that play into the success of your influencer marketing success. However, the single greatest factor is finding an influencer that truly fits your brand. And this is something a lot of brands struggle with.

How to Find Influencers that Match Your Brand Values

How to Find Influencers that Match Your Brand Values

Do you know offhand what variables you need to consider when trying to determine if an influencer is a good fit for your brand? Chances are the things that popped into your mind are the demographics they target, the platforms they use, and the number of people their content reaches. While all of these things matter, they are also somewhat superficial. What you need is to dig down deep to see how well you mesh together.

And much like your personal relationships, matching sets of values matter more than the things on the surface. This then leads to an important question: how do you find influencers that match your brand values?

Start by Defining Your Core Brand Values

Before you can find someone with values that match those of your brand, you need to know what those values are in the first place. Now, you may already have your brand values clearly outlined, and in that case, you are one step closer to finding the right match. But not everyone builds their brands in a methodical manner. For many, their brands just sort of came to be as they pursued their dreams and they didn’t go through the step-by-step planning that others might. Even if you have your brand values outlined, it is a good idea to give them another look to see if perhaps your brand has grown away from them and if you need to redefine these values.

How to Define Your Brand Values

Branding is key to marketing your business. You can divide your branding into the external elements—the visual and voice identities—and the internal elements—your mission and values. Coming up with the external elements if often pretty easy, but defining your values is more difficult. To help, we suggest the following:

  • Outline your true values, focusing on those that are most specific and get at the heart of what you offer your customers.
  • Keep it simple, getting down to about 2-3 core values.
  • Make certain these values can be implemented in a way that they inform your business decisions.
  • Stick with them to keep things consistent.

And That Consistency Is the Key

Not only do you need to be consistent in what your brand does and puts out there for your world: everyone who represents you must as well. This leads to the problem in this article: how do you find influencers who match your brand values?

Well, there are a few ways you can do this.

1. Get out and explore. Experience influencers from the perspective of a consumer. Determine what feelings your get from them. Do they align with your values?
2. Ask them about their values. While you might get a good feeling from your research, you may discover when you speak with them that their values aren’t quite where you need them, or even that they have no core values and just alter themselves for whoever is paying them.
3. Work with experts. There are companies that specialize in vetting influencers and matching them to brands. When they do this, they look at core values; since they know what they are looking for, the process can be faster for them than it would be for you.

Do you have ideas for ways you can determine the values of an influencer or measure how they line up with those of your brand?

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February 7, 2018

How to Find Influencers that Match Your Brand Values

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