Wondering about how to work with fashion influencers? Influencer marketing has become big in pretty much all business niches. However, fashion certainly seems to be thriving on it more than most. Why is that? While there are no doubt many reasons, one of the biggest is that it allows customers to see people who share their interests, approaches, and even body type showing off clothing, accessories, makeup, and more—and this allows them to actually see themselves wearing the items. Gone are the days when runway models reigned supreme; we are now in the era of the influencers.

How to Work with Fashion Influencers

How to Work with Fashion Influencers

While it is common to talk about influencers in a very general way, the truth is that the way you approach them and work with them varies by industry and, of course, by influencer. To help you with your fashion-related brand, we are going to take a look at how to work with fashion influencers. In this guide, we assume that you have already searched for influencers, vetted the ones you like most, and narrowed down your options to those who fit your brand best, and are either about to contact them or have already been in contact with establishing a relationship before outlining the deal you want and settle on the influencer or influencer who ultimately works best for you.

Determine What Compensation You Can Offer

Fashion influencers, like all influencers, want to be compensated for their efforts. With fashion bloggers, there are essentially three ways this can be done.

1. Allow them to keep the product you send as payment.
2. Have them send the product back when finished and then send money as payment.
3. Allow them to keep the product and send money as payment.

Micro influencers will be more likely to be open to options one, while larger influencers will be more likely to require option two or option three. However, you have to stay within the means of your business. If product as payment is what you can offer, be clear about that from the start.

Outline How You Will Support Each Other in the Campaign

With fashion influencers, it is natural to give them a lot of creative freedom. After all, that is what fashion is all about, and you want things to be authentic for the audience. However, you need to keep in mind that giving them a lot of control does not mean doing little to nothing on your part. Your influencer will likely create content centered on your product or products but then direct their followers to your online store or social media pages. From there, you have to follow through and drive them towards the sale. How will you do this? There are many ways, but one thing is for certain: you need to know before you begin.

Be Mindful of the Timeline

More than in most industries, with fashion, time matters. This is because as the seasons change, so do the clothes, accessories, and even makeup. You want to make sure that the content is being published at the right time so that customers will want to buy the items featured knowing they will have the chance to wear them before the seasons change. Keep in mind that this is on you as well as the influencer; you need to get the products to them quickly and they need to agree to and keep a schedule that works for you.

If you keep these basics in mind, you should find that your campaign with fashion influencers goes well.

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February 12, 2018

How to Work with Fashion Influencers

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