Wondering about conferences to reach bloggers? When it comes to working with influencers, one of the more difficult steps is just finding them. While you no doubt know of influencers you like and follow, they are unlikely to be the right fit or within your reach. So where are those who are?

How Brands Can Use Conferences to Reach Bloggers

How Brands Can Use Conferences to Reach Bloggers

There are many ways you can find them, from working with a service that matches you with influencers to simply searching on your own. However, there is a rather neglected source we want you to consider: blogger conferences.

At these conferences, you will find influencers of all levels, from those with millions of followers to those who are just getting started. This makes a blogger conference a great place to both learn more about the business and meet influencers face to face. Of course, you do not want to just walk in without a plan. So, how can you use conferences to reach bloggers?

Find the Right Conferences

Just because a conference is for bloggers does not mean it is right for you. There are general conferences as well as those for specific niches. For the best results for the time you input, you should look for those that target specific niches which then relate to your brand. These conferences may not be very large, but you know that most of the bloggers you come into contact with are realistic contenders for an influencer campaign for your brand.

Get to Talking

Why do people attend conferences? While it is to a degree about learning new things and improving your approach to your business, it is mostly about networking and socializing. Even if you are an introvert, this is the time to speak up and introduce yourself to those around you. Remember: most people love to talk about themselves, so approach bloggers and ask questions. They will feel good that you are interested in them and you can ask questions that help you assess their fit for your brand.

Craft Your Pitch

Short and simple is what you want here. This may be a pitch to work with you if you find an influencer who really blows you away. If not, it might be a pitch to set a meeting to further discuss the issue so you can determine if they are going to work. However, you want to craft this is advance and be confident in it before you go, so come up with options for a few different situations.

Hand Out Your Card

Even if you find a blogger is not quite the right fit, or they happen to not be interested, hand them your card. Ask them to keep you in mind and to even pass along your information if they happen to know someone who sounds like a good fit for you. The more you do this, the more people will know that you are looking for an influencer partnership, and the more likely it is that you will find what you are looking for.

Make Sure Your Online Presence Is Good to Go

You want the influencers to be able to Google you and find out what you are all about. And that means you need to be putting your best foot forward. Before you go, check over your online presence to ensure that everything is up to date and looking great.

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February 16, 2018

How Brands Can Use Conferences to Reach Bloggers

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