Wondering how to support your influencer? When you search for tips for working with influencers, there is a heavy focus on making sure they are doing the right thing. The tips focus on clear vetting the influencer, monitoring the influencer, looking at the results from the influencer—but few of them focus on how you can support the influencer so they can perform well. However, that is a big part of launching a successful influencer campaign.

Ways to Support Your Influencer on the Campaign

Ways to Support Your Influencer on the Campaign

Today, we are going to focus on this, helping you understand what you can and should do to support your influencer and achieve the results you want. Below are our choices for the best ways to support your influencer on the campaign.

Be Organized

Unless you are giving your influencer complete freedom on the campaign, it will be your responsibility to create a schedule, outline agreements, specific expectations, monitor results, report on those results, and tweak the campaign as needed. To do all of this and do it well, you need to be organized. How does this support your influencer? Well, when you are organized, it is clearer for the influencer what they need to do and they are never left waiting on your directions or feedback.

Be Realistic

Will your influencer post about your product and then your product sell out within the hour? While anything is possible, this certainly is not realistic. Before you get into the influencer relationship and throughout the campaign, you need to be realistic. How does being realistic support your influencer? It ensures that they are never under undue pressure and they know that if they do their best, they will be able to impress you. Unrealistic expectations only guarantee bad results and hurt feelings in the end.

Be Available

Chances are your influencer is going to have lots of questions, and sometimes those might be fairly last minute. To make this a success, you want to be available as much as possible. To help, consider setting specific conferencing times at a frequency that makes sense for your campaign. How does this support your influencer? It allows your influencer to feel informed at all times. The last thing you want is for your influencer to feel uncertain because they cannot get clarification from you.

Be Thorough

How often do we let things go unstated because we think they must be obvious? Pretty darn often. And this makes the likelihood of mismatched expectations increase exponentially. If you want the best results from any relationship, you need to communicate. With an influencer, you want to be as thorough as possible. How does being thorough support your influencer? It ensures that there should be no problems arising from genuinely mismatched expectations. When they know what is expected of them, they can rise to meet those expectations.

Be Flexible

While you do not want to give too much wiggle room, sometimes life happens and your influencer will need some allowances made, whether it be to take more time, switch the type of content created that day, or something else completely. You want to make sure that you are not so rigid in your expectations and schedule that you cannot make necessary accommodations. How does this support your influencer? By allowing for life to happen without making it the end of the world.

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February 19, 2018

Ways to Support Your Influencer on the Campaign

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