How do you know if your influencer campaign has been successful? There are many ways you can answer this, and almost all of them boil down to them generating the results you were seeking when you began the campaign. However, the last thing you want to do is wait until the end of a campaign to determine whether or not it is successful. Doing so means losing the opportunity to correct mistakes or maximize success along the way.

5 Things to Measure in Your Marketing Campaign

5 Things to Measure in Your Marketing Campaign

Instead, you need to be monitoring the success of your campaign right from the start, check in on it to see if things are going wrong, and even if they are going well, where you could do better.

Of course, this means that running your campaign is going to be a bit more complicated. One of the first things you should do to simplify it for yourself is narrow down which metrics you will be focusing on when it comes to evaluating your campaign. To help, here are our suggestions for five things to measure in your marketing campaign.

1. Follower Count

In an influencer campaign, you want to monitor both your follower count and theirs. Measuring your follower count will help you see if the influencer is driving new people towards your social media pages. Measuring their follower count helps you see how strong their message will be received by their followers. In general, micro influencers—those who have smaller but more loyal followings—will get you the best results. However, sometimes micro-influencers can get big practically overnight, and that can change how effective they are at getting the results you desire.

2. Follower Actions

Once again, you want to track these for both you and the influencer. The more engagement from followers, the better for your campaign. Once again, this is where micro influencers tend to do well, keeping their followers highly engaged with the content they share. Some actions from followers you might want to track include:


3. Reach

If you are tracking follower actions, it is easy to determine what the reach is of your influencer. Start by getting the number of posts created by the influencer for your campaign. Then, get the number of views for each of those posts. Multiple these two numbers together. Then, figure out how many shares each post got and add that to the result. The final number is your reach.

4. Referral Traffic

At least one of your goals for your influencer campaign should be to drive traffic towards your website, online store, or social media profiles. Or all three. To measure this, you need to see where the traffic is coming from. The more traffic you can tie to the campaign, the better it is doing.

5. Hashtag Mentions

This one will not be relevant to all campaigns. However, if your influencer is using a hashtag or hashtags as part of the campaign, you will want to track those hashtag mentions. To make this easy to do, craft unique hashtags that will not have too much or any unrelated use.

Are these metrics all you need? No, but they are a good start when it comes to evaluating how successful your influencer marketing campaign is.

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February 26, 2018

5 Things to Measure in Your Marketing Campaign

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