Earlier this month, we discussed ways you can ensure that your influencer relationship is mutually beneficial. That article was focused on ways to ensure that the relationship is balanced from the very start. However, just because you craft a balanced relationship does not mean that everything is good to go. If you are happy with your influencer, you also need to find ways to thank them.

Ways You Can Thank Your Influencer

Ways You Can Thank Your Influencer

Why is this so important? As with any relationship, it is important to let your influencer know how much you value them. While fulfilling your obligations is important, it is also the least you can do—and in fact, you must do. This simply is not the same as going above and beyond and doing something special for them.

So, what are some ways you can thank your influencers?

Give Them Positive Feedback

Did their post today completely wow you? Tell them that. Outline your reactions for them and make them feel great about the work they do. Too often, we offer feedback when things go wrong and stay silent when things are going well. Do not fall into this trap. Always focus as much or more on a job well done than on the little things you want to see changed. This will translate into a better relationship and better results.

Write a Recommendation for Them

Influencers need to work with brands to survive, and unless you are offering a very handsome compensation package, they will need other brands to work with. If you are loving the results they are delivering for you, write them a recommendation. They can then use this in their media kit to encourage other brands to give them a shot. The praise you offer is a great way to say thank you.

Actually Say Thank You

For many reasons, we often make things more complicated than they are. How can you say thank you? By saying thank you. Sure, it isn’t some grand gesture, and maybe it doesn’t feel like enough on its own, but be sure to still say it every now and then. And if you really want to make an impact with it, skip the email and go for old-fashioned snail mail on this one.

Remember Them on Important Dates

While the holiday season has ended, when it comes around again, do not forget them when you send out your cards. Are they launching something big next month? Send them a letter of encouragement in advance, even if their launch has nothing to do with you. You can even acknowledge silly holidays that relate to their content. For example, if they focus on baking, send them a gift certificate for an awesome bakery in their town on National Doughnut Day.

Of course, the better you know your influencer, the better you will be able to personalize your thank you to their interests and needs. And that means you need to take the time to get to know them in advance. Not only will this help you when it comes time to say thanks, but it will make your campaign with them all that much better.

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February 28, 2018

Ways You Can Thank Your Influencer

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