In any modern marketing campaign, social media engagement matters. However, if you are running an influencer campaign, it is even more important. Social media is where influencers reach their audience, and high engagement levels are what will deliver the most results.

How to Measure Social Media Engagement

How to Measure Social Media Engagement

Measuring social media engagement should not start once the campaign is launched; instead, you should be using it from the moment you start considering an influencer campaign. In addition to looking at things like voice and values, you want to measure the engagement level of the influencers you consider.

When it comes to measuring engagement on social media, there are a lot of options available to you. With the plethora of tools available to you, you will never struggle to get the data you need. But getting that data is only the start; you need to know how to approach it to accurately measure social media engagement. Allow us to show you how to do this.

The Three Core Metrics: Reach, Impressions, and Engagement

With social media engagement, there are many metrics you can look at. To keep things simple, we suggest that you start with these three core metrics. They have the biggest impact on your campaign and will help you both assess potential influencers to partner with and the success of your efforts with them. So, what do these metrics mean?

Reach: This is the number of people who viewed the content shared.
Impressions: This is the number of times your content is published to follower’s feeds.
Engagement: This is the number of actions taken by followers on your content: likes, shares, etc.

What Matters Most: Reach, Impressions, or Engagement?

It is natural to ask yourself this question since we all have an instinct to try and prioritize things in our lives. However, between these three metrics, there is no one that is inherently more important than the others. Depending on your goals for your campaign, you may value one over the other two. For example, if your goal is to get likes on your pages, engagement is most important. If you are wanting to just get your brand name on the minds of the public, you may value reach most. However, these three metrics work together, so you should give each of them attention.

How to Measure These Metrics

While you could measure these metrics on your own by carefully monitoring the posts by your influencer, that will take far too much time and effort. Instead, you will want to use a toll that takes care of all the measuring for you. Some tools to consider are:

Google Analytics
Simply Measured
Social Mention

Using the Right Social Networks

In order to get the results you want, you need to use the right social networks. The choices you make will depend on the audience you are trying to target. However, there are certain social media platforms that are generally more valuable than others. According to Acorn, the top platforms for high reach, impressions, and engagement are as follows:


While getting the best results isn’t a walk in the park, if you know how to measure social media engagement, you are at least making it easier to do.

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March 2, 2018

How to Measure Social Media Engagement

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