Wondering how to successfully pitch an influencer? So, you have found an influencer or influencers that you want to work with. While this means that you have already gotten a lot of hard work out of the way, you still have plenty more to go. Your next step is to pitch to the influencer or influencers and win them over. Sounds simple, right? Well, maybe not.

How to Successfully Pitch to an Influencer

How to Successfully Pitch an Influencer

Many brands make the mistake of assuming that influencers are dying for a partnership and will instantly jump at any chance given to them. In truth, quality influencers are in greater demand than partnerships with brands are. This means you need to be careful in how you approach the influencer and word your pitch. Which brings us to an important question: how exactly do you do this?

Start by Not Contacting Them

This seems counterintuitive, but really, it is just to give you the chance to observe the influencer more. While you have no doubt done your research, it is not the same as following them for a period of time and watching their content and interactions from the perspective of a follower. This experience should help you solidify your choice to reach out to them while also helping you understand how to tailor your pitch to the influencer.

Craft a Good Subject Line

Influencers have a very full email inbox, so you need your subject to stand out. To accomplish this, keep it short, direct, and perhaps include a little pizzazz, depending on the influencer. Start with something simple like: Partnership Opportunity with (Brand Name). From there, you can tweak it a bit to get what you want out of it.

Focus on Them First

When first making contact with influencers, many brands start out by talking all about themselves. Who they are, what makes them special, and how working with them will be a great opportunity for the influencer. Don’t do this. Yes, the influencer will need to know about you, but put them first. Otherwise, you come off as one of those people at a party that cannot talk about anything other than themselves. Additionally, it makes the influencer feel as though working with you is this incredible chance for them, but that you view working with them as not so beneficial for you—which is far from the truth.

Outline Your Ideas and Goals

What does this partnership look like to you? What content will be created? What will it be focused on? Will there be events outside of social media? Be as clear as possible, but still leave room for their input. In many cases, the influencer is the creative genius behind successful campaigns, not the brand, so be open to changes.

Open Up a Discussion on the Terms

While it might be tempting to outline your proposed terms right from the start, refrain from doing so. This is not an employer/employee relationship—it is a marketing partnership. You want the influencer to know that you are looking to discuss things with them. While there may be terms you cannot be flexible on, let that come later.

Do Not Be Pushy

Think of reaching out to influencers in the same way you would send in your resume to a potential job; you should follow up after you send it, but not too soon, and not too many times. Seeming interested is a good thing; seeming desperate is not. Not only will it make your brand seem less appealing, but it will annoy the influencer.

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March 9, 2018

How to Successfully Pitch an Influencer

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