How important is brand loyalty when choosing an influencer? As you choose which influencers you want to work with, there are many things to consider. One that you might want to keep in mind is brand loyalty. While it may not make or break a choice, it could give an edge to an influencer, helping them stand out above other excellent choices. To help you decide how much brand loyalty means to you, let’s take a look at what it is and how it might impact your influencers.

How Important is Brand Loyalty When Choosing an Influencer?

How Important is Brand Loyalty When Choosing an Influencer?

What Is Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is a term used to describe the tendency for consumers to fall in love with a specific brand’s version of a product, using it exclusively and oftentimes developing an emotional connection to it. They only purchase Dawn dish soap, no matter how cheap the competitors are, or Jiffy is the only peanut butter they will consider buying, not even looking at newer brands or brands that are on sale. If their brand is sold out, they do not opt for another brand to get by—they wait until it is in stock again.

Does Your Influencer Need to Be Loyal to Your Brand?

In short, no, but it helps. If your brand is new or small, there may not be any influencers who are loyal to your brand, and that is okay. Brand loyalty is far from being the most important consideration in selecting an influencer. However, if you are looking at two candidates who are more or less equal, but one happens to be devoted to your brand, it is advisable to opt for the one who is loyal to your company. Why is this?

It Gives You Solid Ground to Start On

With influencers who are unfamiliar with your brand, there is a steep learning curve. They need to learn about who you are, what you do, the tone you use, the image you have crafted, and more. If an influencer is already a brand loyalist, they already know much of what they need to know, and because it works for them as a consumer, you know they will be positive about your mission, vision, approach, etc. Even if the specific product you are promoting is new to them, you are not.

It Plays into Authenticity

We say this a lot, but it only gets truer: authenticity is everything in influencer marketing. Readers want to know that the influencer really believes in the product they are promoting. The problem is, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they take the deal because they want the money or the exposure, but your product doesn’t really inspire them. With a brand loyalist, this isn’t as much of a concern. Chances are they will love your product, and if they don’t, they will easily be able to articulate why and help you out.

It Makes it Easy to Establish a Long-Term Relationship

When an influencer is a brand loyalist, they don’t just want to help you for a moment; they want to see where your company is going and be part of that journey with you. This allows you to establish a long-term partnership that will give a sense of stability to your customers. While you can, of course, work with other influencers as you go, you will be able to rely on at least one constant.

It Inspires Similar Loyalty in Followers

Finally, it allows the influencer to lead by example. You want their followers to become brand loyalists, so by having such a loyalist promoting your brand to them, you establish a precedent. It pulls them in, wanting to learn more, all while framing your brand in an incredibly positive light.

Keep in mind that if there are no influencers who are brand loyalists, that is okay. Also, remember that through your work with influencers, you just might be able to convert them into the loyalists you want.

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March 12, 2018

How Important is Brand Loyalty When Choosing an Influencer?

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