So, you are interested in working with YouTubers. Maybe you have one in mind, or maybe you just want to target the YouTube platform. Either way, there are important considerations to keep in mind. To help you embark on this journey, here are our tips for working with YouTubers.

Tips for working with YouTubers

Tips for Working with YouTubers

Finding Potential Influencers

If you do not have an influencer or influencers in mind just yet, this is where you need to start. While there are services you can use to find the right fit, you can also do the legwork yourself. Come up with keywords that fit your brand and then search them on YouTube. Browse the results and find YouTubers who seem to match your brand well.

Look at Their Follower Count and Engagement with Viewers

Assuming that you are targeting micro influencers, you want to look for those who have 10,000 followers or less. And the main reason to target micro influencers is that they tend to have higher engagement levels that macro or mega influencers. However, this is not always the case. Make certain you are seeing the engagement level you need before you reach out to them.

Make Sure They Are as Relevant as They Seem

On the surface, their content may seem to align with your brand, but every YouTuber has their own thing going on and their own unique audience. You need to consider things like the tone, mood, and language that the YouTuber uses in their videos. Also important is who their audience actually is. Just because both you and their audience connect with the YouTuber does not mean that their interest will translate to your brand. If all seems well, reach out and begin a partnership.

Take Their Input Seriously

This can be difficult to do, because it can mean relinquishing control. Given that this is your brand and you have worked hard to build it, that can feel upsetting. However, successful YouTubers know their platform, and unless you are also doing well with a YouTube channel, chances are you do not understand it as they do. Take their input seriously, and when they are insistent about something, really give it the reflection it deserves.

Focus on Titles

Whether followers are seeing it in their feed or new viewers catch it in their sidebar, the title is what grabs viewers and reels them in. Catchy titles—and the images that accompany them—are what get clicks. Even when viewers are dedicated to a channel, they won’t necessarily watch every video the YouTuber shares. Go for something that fits your brand, blends with the usual titles on the channel, and has something that pops.

Don’t Forget SEO

YouTube searches and algorithms are not the only ways the video or videos promoting your brand will be found. Since YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube videos are generally given as results in Google searches. This means that focusing on SEO is vital. Treat vlogs as you would blogs when it comes to SEO.

Have you partnered with a YouTuber influencer? What advice would you offer?

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March 19, 2018

Tips for Working with YouTubers

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