Whenever you are looking for a product or service recommendation, what is your most trusted source? If you are like the majority of Americans, it is people you know and people like you—even if they are strangers. Influencers fall somewhere in the middle. They aren’t quite people you know, but it often feels like you do, and while they may be a little more put-together than yourself, they are similar enough that you see yourself in them.

Ways to Use Influencers When Launching a Product

Ways to Use Influencers When Launching a Product

And this is why they are so effective when it comes to getting results from a product launch. Of course, without the right approach, you won’t see the results you desire. So, what are some ways to use influencers when launching a product?

Have Them Complete an Advanced Review

A great way to drum up excitement in advance of your product launch is to have influencers complete advanced reviews. You give them early access to the product and they get their fans interested in it before it even goes on sale. Done effectively, the day your product launches, you will see massive sales.

Ask Them to do an Unboxing Video

Who doesn’t love a good unboxing video? These videos are popular with everyone from toddlers on up. When done well, they get the viewer excited to have the same experience of unboxing the product, getting their engine revving to purchase it as soon as they can. If working with an influencer who is not comfortable with video, you can still ask for an unboxing blog post. When photographed well, they are just as effective as a video.

Integrate Contests, Giveaways, and Deals

People love to compete, they love to get things for free, and they love a good deal. When you integrate any of these into an influencer campaign, you are going to get results. With competitions and giveaways, the interest is quite natural. To make the promotion of deals effective, make them time-sensitive, otherwise, the audience will not have the needed sense of urgency.

Turn it into a Series

Unless your product is meant to be used once and then forgotten about—and how likely is that?—a series is a great way to help the audience understand how the product will fit into their life. The series can show the audience different uses for the product, how it holds up over time, the differences it makes over the long term, etc. While you do not want the series to be so frequent that it overwhelms the audience, it is easy to strike the right balance.

Get Their Followers in on the Experience

An interactive campaign opens up a lot of possibility. Rather than just having the influencer use the product and share their experiences, give a certain number of their followers the chance to use the product too. They an then create their own content and reviews to be shared by the influencer. This increases engagement, gives the audience a sense of ownership, and gives you a greater pool of testimonials to pulls from.

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March 21, 2018

Ways to Use Influencers When Launching a Product

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