Wondering about a successful introduction letter? When you first introduce yourself to an influencer, it is usually through cold outreach: they do not know you and you only know them through the research you have done.

Tips for Writing a Successful Introduction Letter

Tips for Writing a Successful Introduction Letter

In many cases, there is no other option. However, cold outreach can come off as spam-like to many. So, what can you do as a brand when writing an introduction letter to an influencer you do not already have a relationship with?

Make Intentions Clear in the Subject Line

Your biggest obstacle is getting the influencer to open your email instead or archiving it or trashing it. If your subject line is too vague, it can read as spam. Use the subject line to address the recipient by name and make your intentions obvious. An example would be: Looking for an Influencer Partnership, working in the name of the influencer where you see fit.

Greet Them at the Start of the Letter

You want to be friendly and personable because influencer partnerships are often informal, even while being business deals. However, you do not want to go on for too long. Keep it short and simple before transitioning into introducing yourself, then moving into the meat of the letter.

Make Sure All Content is Relevant

It can be tempting to stuff your introduction letter full of all the details about your brand, your goals, your demographics, etc. And these certainly are things that the influencer will eventually need to know about. With that said, they do not need to know everything right from the start, and if you have a media kit, you can simply attach it and let them browse at will. This is an introduction letter, not a business plan or biography, so stick to what content is relevant.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

The influencer you want to work with likely has many opportunities coming their way. You need to stand out in the crowd. While you do not want to get too crazy, being a little creative doesn’t hurt. Some things you can do include inserting graphics, attaching a video introduction, and using animations. Just make sure that you do not get so creative with your approach that the result is messy.

Emphasize Your Credibility

But do it without going on and on about yourself and your brand. You want the influencer to know that you are a credible brand to partner with. While you want to work with the influencer so they can help you out, they want to work with you to further their own goals as well. Use social proof and your brand history to establish credibility in your introduction letter.

Revise and Reduce the Letter

Once you have that first draft, you are not ready to send. Now, you go through it and approach your reading with a critical eye. While you should look at it in terms of clarity and errors like you would any other piece of writing, you also need to look at it in terms of brevity and directness. With every item you included, ask yourself if it is truly important to share that information right now, at this introductory stage. If the answer is no, cut it.

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April 2, 2018

Tips for Writing a Successful Introduction Letter

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