Is Instagram more valuable than Facebook? When selecting social media platforms to target with your brand pages and influencer partnerships, logical states that you should opt for the platforms with the most users to secure the greatest reach. In that case, you would focus on Facebook.

Why Is Instagram More Valuable than Facebook?

Why Is Instagram More Valuable than Facebook?

However, Facebook’s greater numbers do not translate into greater value when it comes to influencer marketing. Instead, Instagram is king. With over 500 million active users, it is the third most popular social network, behind Facebook and YouTube and it is the platform that advertisers are flocking to. But why is this?

Marketing Success Is About Engagement

While this isn’t as true with traditional marketing methods, when it comes to influencer marketing, it certainly is. Some social media platforms better lend themselves to engagement than others. As it so happens, Instagram happens to be considered the very best. About 60 percent of influencers feel that Instagram is the most engaging platform they use. As for Facebook? Just 18 percent of influencers feel it handles engagement best.

Why Is Instagram Best at Engagement?

There are multiple reasons why Instagram gets engagement right. Some key factors include:

Mobile Design: Facebook is a platform designed for use on laptops and desktops that has been modified for mobile use via the official app. Instagram is a platform designed for use on mobile devices that can also be used on laptops and desktops. This means that when using it on a mobile device, everything is appropriately streamlined and seamless. Since the majority of social media use is via mobile devices, this difference is key.

Constant Use: While most people use their Facebook account consistently throughout the day, this use is primarily on messenger, which means they are engaging with friends, not brands or influencers. Instagram is designed to get people to use the app whenever there is a moment in their life they want to capture and share. This gets them on the app repeatedly throughout the day, posting photos and checking their feed.

Visual Focus: Marketing has always been visual, and now more than ever, audiences want to process information visually rather than reading text. Instagram does allow users to write captions, but ultimately, it is the visual that drives the post. On this platform, your audience will process information rapidly, and this makes it easier to act on their impulse to engage.

Unique Design: When you compare Instagram to other big social media platforms, it is incredibly unique. The design is more streamlined, the focus radically different, and the rules a departure from most. This naturally holds an appeal to all audiences, though it has especially resonated with the under-30 set. This also creates a sense of energy that transfers to the posts you make.

When Facebook Is the Better Option

Of course, Instagram is not the best choice in every circumstance. If you need to link back to your site, explain things in text, or converse with followers, Facebook is likely the better choice for you. However, using a combination of both social media platforms is advisable.

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April 4, 2018

Why Is Instagram More Valuable than Facebook?

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