Are you wondering how giveaways can help your brand? On its surface, it seems like giveaways should not be much help for your brand. After all, the entire premise is that you are giving something away for free, no profit made. And despite the fact that there is no profit made, running a giveaway can be rather intensive, making it seem overwhelming when you are also focused on everything from blogging to developing new products.

How Giveaways Can Help Your Brand

How Giveaways Can Help Your Brand

But despite what you might think, and in spite of the effort they require, giveaways can really help your brand. In fact, they often offer a greater return on investment than more traditional methods of marketing. So, what are some reasons you should consider a giveaway?

Giveaways Grow Your Network

With online giveaways, you can make liking, sharing, and commenting part of being eligible to win. All three actions can help your post show up in the feeds of those who follow your followers. Should all things go to plan, those individuals should want to get in on the giveaway, taking the actions needed and hopefully following or liking your page as well.

Increase Your Newsletter Subscribers

Another qualifying action that you could ask people to take is to sign up for your newsletter. However, for this to be effective, you need to make sure that the content you deliver in your newsletter is strong enough that your new followers do not simply unsubscribe as soon as they can. Quality content is always key.

It Can Ultimately Cost Less Than Other Forms of Marketing

While you are giving something away for free, the costs associated with a giveaway are pretty much just the price of the item you are using as the prize. While you might use some paid marketing to promote the giveaway, the majority of the promotion should be done by followers and their followers, which means that giveaways are a cheap way to market your brand.

Increase Your Exposure

Even if all viewers do not enter into the giveaway, they are going to see the posts promoting it. Because we tend to naturally stop on promotions for free items, contests, and giveaways, you are going to get more impressions from your giveaway marketing than you would other forms of advertisement.

You Get to Give Back to Those That Support You

Your dedicated followers and customers are key to your success. While you help them by delivering quality products and services, that isn’t the same as giving back to them. However, giveaways do exactly that. With giveaways, you help to show your appreciation and allow those who are dedicated to you to enjoy the products you offer without having to invest in them.

It Is Easy to Do

Because giveaways tend to mostly do the work for you, naturally encouraging people to stop, read, and share, there is little you need to do. Aside from creating the advertising content, you really just need to decide the actions the participants need to take and let the campaign run its course. And in addition to being easy, it is also super fun to do.

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April 20, 2018

How Giveaways Can Help Your Brand

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