Wondering how to engage micro influencers at a conference? In most cases, engaging with a micro-influencer happens via email or social media. You find them online, decide they would make a good fit, and then you reach out to get the partnership started. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, it is not the only way to get an influencer relationship going.

How to Engage Micro Influencers at a Conference

How to Engage Micro Influencers at a Conference

Another way is to attend conferences where you can expect micro-influencers to be in attendance. This allows you to introduce yourself in a more organic way, better get to know them, and then move forward on establishing a partnership. But just like with email outreach, getting engagement started can be difficult.

Are you planning to attend a conference where you will be reaching out to micro-influencers? Then here are some ideas for ways you can connect with them in person.

Engage with Them During Their Presentation

Grab a front-row seat and make eye contact as they present. Take notes as they speak and work to show that you are engaged with them. When the question and answer portion begins, ask a question. Chances are when you speak to them later, they will remember you from the presentation.

Just Walk Up and Say Hello

As with any social interaction, being friendly and a little bold will go a long way. You cannot expect the influencer to seek you out, so it is your job to get the conversation started. While it is easy to stress over exactly what to say, skip the stress and keep it simple with a simple hello.

Have Something to Say About Them

This is especially true if they presented at the conference, and this actually makes it easier to get the conversation flowing. Make certain you are paying attention as they present so you do not end up floundering once the conversation begins, but try not to parrot them too much as that can come off awkward.

Keep it Short and Leave Room to Follow Up

Since you will likely be approaching them right after their presentation, the micro-influencer will be busy and you will not want to monopolize their time. Once the introduction and conversation about their presentation are complete, let them know you can see they are busy but you would like to continue the conversation. Then offer them a card and see if you can schedule a time to sit down now or if they will call you later.

Be Prepared for Rejection

It isn’t personal. Sometimes influencers already have too much on their plate or they are in an exclusive agreement with another client. In other cases, they may just be too busy in the moment to be able to stop and consider the offer. No matter the reason, accept their declining graciously and do not let it deter you from approaching other influencers in the future.

Have you used conferences to connect with micro-influencers? What are some tips you would give others wanting to do the same? Share them with us in the comments below.

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April 23, 2018

How to Engage Micro Influencers at a Conference

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