What are the benefits of video streaming? Online streaming has been big for years now. However, many brands are just now starting to embrace its use. Now that industry giants like GE and Nestle incorporate video streaming into their marketing, it is time for all brands to understand the benefits it can offer them.

What are the Benefits of Video Streaming?

What are the benefits of video streaming?

Of course, the benefits big brands experience will be different from those of smaller brands. So, what benefits can you expect to enjoy by incorporating video streaming into your marketing plan?

You get opportunities for brand education

Customers want to learn about your brand, but chances are slim that they will sit down and read a blog post about your vision and mission or click on a video that is strictly about your company history. However, during live streams, it is easy to weave these things into the content because things are not as heavily scripted and can veer slightly off topic from time to time.

You interact with followers in real time

For smaller brands, interacting with the customer base is vital, but when replying to comments on standard videos or posts, it is often done hours after the comment was posted. With video streaming, you get to interact with customers as they make comments, and customers interact with each other as well, developing a sense of community centered around your brand.

You can create a sense of urgency

With video streaming, you can create contests and make offers that are only good during the stream and for a limited time after. This creates a sense of urgency in customers both to watch the stream and to take action. While you can do this with other mediums, none are quite as effective as going live.

Your content is completely unique

When doing a live stream, the concept you are basing the stream on may not be original—perhaps it is something you have already done in the past or something another brand did that you saw and liked. But even if the concept itself is not unique, the execution of it will be. This is because there are many variables at play and unlike with scripted content, you cannot fully control for them. This helps your brand stand out to those viewing your stream.

You can market for little to no money

With normal promotional videos, you need to spend time and money scripting them and editing them. With live streaming, you simply set up the space, grab the camera of your choice, and go live. In most cases, this camera will be on a device you already own and the space can be your office, home, a park—anywhere, really.

You can generate significant hype around specific events

Whether community events, sales, or product releases, video streaming makes it easy to generate hype and get people to take action. As long as you name the stream well and promote it correctly, you should be able to pull plenty of people in and get the results you want.

Do you use video streaming as part of your marketing strategy? Tell us about your approach.

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April 30, 2018

What are the Benefits of Video Streaming?

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