Earlier this week, we wrote about ways to adapt your brand strategy to address the interests of Generation Z. While Millennials are the current driving force in marketing, within two years, Generation Z is expected to take their place. But does this mean you should abandon Millennials? Not at all.

How to Effectively Market to Millenials

How to Effectively Market to Millenials

Even when Millennials no longer reign supreme, they will still be the second largest generation in terms of market share, and until Generation Z is established in adulthood, they will be the most stable generational demographic. That means that even when you adapt to address Generation Z, you still need to focus on Millennials.

But how can you do that? Chances are you already are, at least to some degree, since current marketing best practices are adapted to Millennials. But just to be sure, here are the things you need to keep in mind with Millennial marketing.

Treat them as equals

Compared to previous generations, Millennials have grown up being exposed to more media and were aggressively marketed to their entire lives. As a result, they are a lot savvier when it comes to picking up on ways brands try to manipulate them into making a purchase.

And that means you need to avoid typical marketing manipulation tactics. Instead, treat them as equals. Treat them like you would a peer, not a child. Assume that they know what you are doing and make it a goal to be as authentic as possible. This generation does not mind advertising, but they do take issue with being talked down to or manipulated.

Partner with them

In addition to being your equal, Millennials also like being brand partners. This is a generation that loves to create, whether it is designing a meme or making a video. You can easily embrace this as part of your brand strategy and allow your Millennial customers to create content that you can then use as part of your marketing campaign.

Give them something unique

When Millennials were young, everything was uniform. Nearly everyone shopped at the same stores, wore the same looks, and listened to the same music. As they got older, they rebelled against this uniformity, and now Millennials seek out things that are unique. This means that you need to differentiate your products and services from others out there. It also means that if you can offer customization, this generation will be more likely to choose your brand over the competition—there is a reason they love restaurants like Chipotle.

Establish personal connections

Because Millennials always seem to have a phone in hand, they have been characterized as a generation that is anti-social and isolated. While they may not interact with family at the dinner table as well as earlier generations did, research has shown they actually value personal connections more. For example, 60 percent of Millennials would rather lose their car than their phone because their phone better connects them to family, friends, coworkers, bosses, brands, and more. And with many jobs allowing for home office work and stores offering home delivery, the ability of mobile devices to connect us is becoming central to the function of society.

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May 4, 2018

How to Effectively Market to Millenials

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