Wondering how to use artificial intelligence? In the world of marketing analytics, there is no bigger trend than the use of artificial intelligence. When these tools first hit the market, there were less than 100 options to choose from. Now, there are more than 5,000. These tools are so ubiquitous that you may be using them without even realizing it.

How You Can Use Artificial Intelligence for Analysis

How You Can Use Artificial Intelligence for Analysis

Why you need AI

Ultimately, it is because there is too much to take in—more than you can handle on your own. First, there are the number of tools that must be coordinated. Then there is the complexity of tasks. Follow that up with the amount of data and variations of data that must be processed and doing it on your own becomes a herculean task. If you could manage it, you wouldn’t have time for any other aspect of life, much less your business.

Data interpretation, data integration, data silos—all of this and more can be processed using AI. So why not take advantage of this?

Ways you can use AI for your brand

The applications of AI for brands are seemingly endless. However, there are a few that are easiest to take advantage of.

Social Media Analytics: Natural language processing and computer vision allow programs to analyze actions and comments from followers and help to compile data and even generate responses. This type of analytics can be completed in real time, giving you an of-the-moment snapshot of your followers and what they want. It can also be used to assess the pages of competitors and give you insight on how you can develop an edge on them.
Automated Decision Management: With this, AI both analyzes information and then makes decisions based on its analysis. This can then go to you in the form of recommendation or the program can implement the decision, depending on how much autonomy you want to grant to the AI program.
Customer Review Analysis: If you are getting a lot of customer reviews and are struggling to analyze them all, or you just want something of a second opinion, AI can help. Programs can read the reviews, pull out the most important information, trends, etc. and then summarize them in a few sentences that are easy for you to understand and apply.

No matter the manner in which you use AI, it tends to be simpler than traditional approaches. Where spreadsheets are difficult to read and organize, AI tools create easy-to-read data that is accessible in a user-friendly manner. Even when the information they provide is not revolutionary, the manner in which they provide it almost always is.

How AI has changed marketing

Analytics that would have taken a week or more to generate in the past can now be completed in hours. Information that would have been overlooked in the past is now used to inform marketing decisions. Small brands now have the tools to create marketing plans that we once strictly the domain of business giants. In other words, AI has revolutionized the world of marketing. If you have yet to embrace it, now is the time for your brand.

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May 7, 2018

How You Can Use Artificial Intelligence for Analysis

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