Are you looking to integrate video content into your marketing plan? One of the first decisions you need to make is which video platforms you want to use. Because every platform has its own best practices, you cannot simply create a single video and post it in multiple places; unique content is required. And unless you want to spend significant time on video production, this means you will want to limit your presence to a few video platforms. But which are the most popular? Let’s take a look.

What are the Most Popular Video Platforms to Use?

What are the most popular video platforms to use?

Keep in mind that popularity isn’t everything

The thought process makes sense; you want to reach as many viewers as possible, so go where the viewers are. But this does not always work. For example, if your customer base is women in their mid-30s, Snapchat—though very popular—is probably not where you want to share your videos. Think about things like demographics, brand image, and length of videos before you choose platforms.

The most popular and most universal video platform: YouTube

If there is one video platform that every brand should take advantage of, it is YouTube. Like most social media, its demographics skew young, but not as much as many other platforms. This means that there are people of all ages enjoying YouTube on a daily basis. In addition to the users of YouTube themselves, videos posted on the platform can easily be shared to other sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. It also offers monetization, which can help bring in a little extra money for your company.

YouTube without the ads: Vimeo

If you like the idea of YouTube but are not concerned with monetization and do not want your customers bombarded with ads, try Vimeo. In addition to being ad-free, you can upload 4k Ultra HD videos, which is the highest quality of uploads you are going to find. It is also easy to embed Vimeo videos elsewhere, so even if you are not looking for people to view videos on Vimeo, it is a good site to use.

The sleeper hit: Daily Motion

Most people have heard of Daily Motion, but are not entirely certain what it is. Is it a news site? A streaming site? As it ends up, it is a video platform, and not a small one—it is the second largest video platform in the world. Like Vimeo, it supports 4k Ultra HD. It also offers interesting ways to browse videos, helping viewers find your content. If you seek international customers, this is a good platform to use.

Short and sweet content: Metacafe

This platform specializes in shortform video content. This means you will not be making documentaries, but who has time for long videos anyhow? Great for snippets, short reviews, and shoring user-generated content, Metacafe is an often overlooked site that deserves more attention.

Honorable mentions

There are many other excellent video platforms to look at which did not make the list of the most popular. These platforms tend to be a bit more niche, so research them well before using them. We suggest you look into the following:

  • Veoh
  • Twitch
  • LiveLeak
  • Break

Do you use video platforms for sharing brand content? Which do you prefer to use?

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May 9, 2018

What are the Most Popular Video Platforms to Use?

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