Content marketing is one of the most effective ways for smaller brands to market. While even multinational companies make use of content marketing, its low budget and high return means that it is truly suited for the little guys in the industry. For years, content marketing has been on an upward trend, and as far as we can see, that isn’t going to be changing anytime soon.

Why is Content Marketing Still on an Upward Trend?

Why is Content Marketing Still on an Upward Trend?

But why is that? When it comes to marketing trends, few things last for more than a few years. But the popularity and effectiveness of content marketing endures. Let’s break down why content marketing is bigger than it has ever been.

Content marketing is influence

With content marketing, you take the influence you have and use it to create more influence. This gives a brand the ability to have an effect on the buying habits, thoughts, and behaviors of their target demographic. Companies have always thrived on influence, but with the rise of social media and the advent of influencers, it has become more important than ever before.

People want substance

And your content can provide it. Now, this means you need high-quality content in order for this to be true, but that should be clear. Be authentic, be relevant, and content marketing works. No fancy gimmicks are needed to make it work, no room full of advertising specialists required.

It pulls instead of pushes

Traditional forms of advertising push people. They push them to think a certain way, buy a certain product, live their life in a certain manner. And people, quite frankly, are tired of feeling pushed around by advertisers. They don’t want to be pushed in the right direction; they want to be pulled there. They want to be called there by something interesting and meaningful. And that is what content marketing does.

Content marketing goes where the people are

TV viewing is declining. Billboards are fading into the landscape. Commercials are paused. Radio is skipped in favor of streaming services. Where ads are, more and more often, people are not.

But where they are is online and on social media. And that is where content marketing is. Content marketing goes where the people go, which means that with it, you are able to continue reaching your audience even as they move around.

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May 11, 2018

Why is Content Marketing Still on an Upward Trend?

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