Wondering about how to acquire new customers? For any brand, growth is always a goal. Even if you have a dedicated, stable customer base, you want to see your brand reach new people. The problem is that when you work to reach out to prospective customers, you sometimes alienate the ones you have. This is a major risk; you may not win any new clients, and you may not be able to get the old ones back.

Ways to Acquire New Customers Without Losing the Ones You Have

Ways to Acquire New Customers

So what does this mean? Should you simply choose stagnation over taking the risk? No, but you also need to take a careful approach to the task, ensuring that you are working to appeal to new customers and clients without changing your brand image in a way that will put off those who already choose you.

Start with the basics

First of all, you need to make certain you are doing the proper maintenance on your current marketing efforts. Assuming that everything is well executed and maintained, the marketing efforts that pulled in your current customers should be able to pull in new customers as well, with some simple updates. Think about things like making sure your SEO is up to date and your site is quick to load. You should also look at your marketing materials and find ways to freshen them up while still keeping the essence the same.

Review your most popular content

Which pages, posts, and videos of yours get the most traffic, reactions, etc.? Many brands think that their new content is where they can pull in new customers, but in many cases, new customers find you through your greatest hits, so to speak. Look at these and see ways you can update them while retaining what makes them great. Think about new quotes, updated statistics, and new graphics. This will stop the older content from feeling dated, making it easier to bring in new customers.

Focus on the content that makes page two of the search results

When you search for something on Google, how often do you click to see the second page of results? Unless you are doing some earnest research, chances are you do not even scroll to the bottom of page one. Having your content make the second page of Google isn’t a bad thing exactly; it means your content ranks above millions of other pages. But it also means it will almost never be seen. As such, this is where you should focus some effort. Get your content onto page one and you can bring in new customers without it impacting current customers at all.

Cross promote with similar brands

It can be tempting to cross promote with whatever popular brand you can because their popularity can boost your profile. However, you need to very carefully consider how current customers will perceive the brand you might work with. Look for those that match up very closely with your brand without being direct competition, making it beneficial to all parties involved. Use your customer profiles to guide you in your selection.

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May 16, 2018

Ways to Acquire New Customers Without Losing the Ones You Have

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