Last week, we talked about why privacy is important and some ways you can work the concept of online privacy into your brand. Today, we are going to expand on this and look at ways to make consumers feel safe. When customers feel secure, they are happier and more willing to make purchases.

Ways to Make Consumers Feel Safe

Ways to Make Consumers Feel Safe

But making them feel safe is the hard part. Respecting their privacy is one way to do this, but only one. There are numerous other ways to help them feel more secure. Below, we are going to take a look at a few.

Start when you set your prices

How do prices make customers feel safe? By making them feel that they are getting a good deal and are not being cheated by you. While what is a fair price depends a lot on how your goods or services are perceived, no matter if you are in the luxury or budget market, your buyers need to know they are getting a good deal for what is offered. You can also offer special and long-term offers to give them confidence in your brand.

Give customers options

This matters with both goods and services, but it is particularly important with services. Oftentimes, if a customer cannot tailor a service to their needs, they will feel cheated by the company, as if they are paying for more than what they really need. The more options you offer, the easier it is for them to get the right fit. However, you should not offer endless prepackage options as this can become overwhelming.

Back up your claims

Any claim you make, you need to be ready to back it up. Customers are savvy, and they get savvier each day. They look at claims that seem too good to be true and then look to see if they are. You need to be ready to prove that the claims you make—regarding anything from quality to the sources of ingredients used—are accurate. And do not wait to be asked to prove it; have the proof available online and linked to in your product descriptions.

Allow for ratings and testimonials on your website

Customers are naturally skeptical of brands, but they tend to trust their fellow customers. This is truer than ever before thanks to the popularity of Amazon and its review system. Incorporate this into your brand’s website by allowing customers to rate and review you, your products, and your services—and keep it transparent and honest, otherwise, it will come back to bite you.

Back it all up with a guarantee

The exact terms of the guarantee may vary depending on what you are offering and what you are comfortable with. However, customers expect to be given a guarantee when they purchase a product. Even a simple and limited guarantee makes the buyer feel safer, making them more likely to make a purchase than they would otherwise.

No matter the exact steps you take, it is vital that you look into ways to make customers feel safe when they purchase with you. If you have ideas on other ways to inspire confidence, share them in the comments below.

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May 21, 2018

Ways to Make Consumers Feel Safe

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