Wondering about email marketing? There is a lot of talk about email going the way of the dodo, but despite this talk going on for years, most everyone still uses email in some capacity. But should marketers continue to use it? With other options, including text messaging and social media, it might seem that email marketing is more expensive, less effective, and possibly annoying enough that it could hurt more than help.

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Why Email Marketing Is Still a Viable Option

But the truth is that when it is approached correctly, email marketing is still a highly effective marketing technique.

Yes, the hype surrounding Facebook, YouTube, text messages, and What’s App is big and does not appear to be dying down. And yes, you should consider using them as part of your marketing efforts. But should you choose them at the expense of email marketing?

Absolutely not.

Despite the way customers are changing and the addition of new platforms, email marketing is still considered by many to be king. And even those who do not think it is still on top believe it is a critical element to any marketing plan. For some companies, it is still their top source of revenue.

To help you see why you should still opt for email marketing, let’s look at some reasons why it is still a viable option.

It offers a high return on investment

One way to measure the success of a campaign is the results, but another is return on investment. You might get more results from paid ads on Facebook, but because you are spending money on them, it cuts into the return on investment. Email campaigns require little to no money, which means that your return on investment is naturally very high.

Everyone checks their email

Lots of people detox from social media but few do the same with email. This means that you can expect that the majority of people you are trying to reach will look at their email at least once a day. And unlike Facebook ads you can swipe right past, with email, even if deleting it, there is a direct action that must be taken, making it more likely that the reader will at least give it a click.

Email complements social media

While you can use email marketing on its own, it works really well as a complement to social media. You can encourage people to like your page in your email campaigns and use your page to get them to sign up for your email list. The emails help you get the information out while social media allows for interaction. Together, they create an incredible force that translates into excellent results.

You have more freedom

Social media offers many benefits, but freedom is not one of them. Ads often must be approved, and even in most, there are restrictions in formatting, presentation, and word count. With emails, you have significant control over everything, which allows you to market in the way you feel is best and really work in branding.

Do you still use email marketing? What are some tips you would offer others to help them keep their email marketing materials relevant?

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May 25, 2018

Why Email Marketing Is Still a Viable Option

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